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Forums - Politics Discussion - So, are we not gonna talk about this?

end of the day the protests and the accompanying rioting/looting/arson/anarchy will just bring unnecessary death and cause lasting damage to minority areas.

-coronavirus will definitely spread more in these areas as a result, disproportionately affecting people of color

-burning down and damaging of local businesses will just bring long-lasting economic destruction and stagnation(who's going to want to invest and rebuild in a financially risky and dangerous area?)

-the economic problems will exacerbate the drug use and crime rate there, causing residents with the means to leave giving you a negative economic and increasing crime feedback loop

-cops being demonized and vilified will just bring about police being less likely to show up and intervene in troubled minority areas, thus crime and homicides go up further

look at what the locals think about chaos that went on

 Almost everyone supports peaceful protests.  but obviously, the vast vast majority of the locals DO NOT want the rioting/looting in their neighborhood. Funny that some people here are condoning, excusing and giving the destruction a pass.

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Peaceful protest does not work.  Without the violence women would never have had the right to vote.  Big screen TVs are owed to people! If Gandhi hadn't kicked asses the Salt March would have failed. Burning down someones shop is a reasonable statement.  The Montgomery Bus Burnings was the only way to get people's attention and bring about change. Equating opportunist to protesters and using the justification of the latter to excuse the former is the only logical stance to take.  

Hopefully BLM momentum will continue and real change will happen.
An end to police brutality and corruption.
An improvement in police treatment of non-white people.