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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's the dumbest game related marketing you've ever seen?

Marketing departments. When products are good they are purveyors of truth. When products are bad they are Fox News or the North Korean Press. This thread is to celebrate all those times some CEO, Advert, or Company Twitter post, made you cringe or laugh out loud.

I'll get the ball rollin...

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Self explanatory

Also, No Man Sky's entire campaign with all the promises they made prior to launch, it was sent out to die.
The PS3 and WiiU launch campaigns as well, they did a horrible job selling me something I should be hyped for. 

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This one is pretty bad:

People think Sony's worst is early PSP/PS3 stuff. From the racist ads on TV and billboards to demon babies. As bad as that is. Not as bad as topless women and killing a real goat for a God of War 2 promotion party.

Yes I had to censor the image she is topless.

Next is SEGA promoting Madworld for Wii by leaving severed limbs around the UK.

I don't have a photo for this but SEGA even at their peak mostly sucked at marketing. They had some winners like Genesis Does what Nintendon't. Segata Sanshiro. 9/9/99 Dreamcast. But overall SEGA was bad at it.

The worst was SATURNDAY.

What is Saturnday? Look at how MS and Sony are marketing their next-gen systems. Giving you months of hype and buildup. SEGA...SEGA said fuck all that. The day they announced Saturn for the west is also the day it released in retailers. It confused people. Retailers were caught unaware and pissed off. No one at home knewe and 99% of consumers had no idea E3 existed and we only got news on that 2 months later in a Magazine.  So SEGA launched a console without telling people. It may not have dead goats and racism but it is how you kill your new console the day it released.

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Veknoid_Outcast said:

This one is pretty bad:

Straight from the Al Bundy playbook: "If God had wanted that women play bowling, he would have put their breasts on their back!"

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Surprised no one's mentioned Whoashi yet.

It can't get worse than this I don't think

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