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Forums - General Discussion - Batman or Spider-Man?

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Batman or Spider-Man?

Batman 26 50.98%
Spider-Man 25 49.02%

Batman is about the lamest "super hero" ever perceived. No super powers, billionaire, stupid convictions he doesn't even adhere to. Anything he does could be done faster and more efficient by most other heroes. He's just an edgy teenager in an old man's body.

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Spiderman by a country mile. Batman is just rubbish.

For me Batman is miles ahead of spiderman. like they are not even in the same catagory.

I love Batman, but Spiderman I like more because of the comical side of his. Love seriouness and darkness, but I enjoy more to laugh.

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I relate more to Spider-Man because I too was bitten by a radioactive spider. But for real, I find him more relatable. His whole self deprecating sense of humor is pretty much in line with my own.

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Grew watching every Batman cartoon and movie, good and bad, always have loved the character and I think its got some of the best comic book stories ever. Best Rogues gallery in comic books, best supporting characters in comics books. I also have much love for Spiderman, its also one my favorite characters and as a teenager I found him very relatable and I think its got the second-best rogues gallery, second to Batman that is. Both of them are great, but If I have to choose its Batman for sure.

Batman. I enjoy the darker universe. Don't read the comics, but I watch the movies and play the games.

Both. There's room for all.

And I liked Green Lantern as well, most of it anyway, just not the forced ending with Parallax.

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was tops.

Superman: Shadow of Apokolips was enjoyable and faithful.


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