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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite Sega console


I think the best is...

Master System 5 10.42%
Megadrive/Genesis 22 45.83%
Saturn 5 10.42%
Dreamcast 16 33.33%

Master system for me, followed by their Game Gear.

Still waiting for that Alex Kidd 1 and Shinobi world remaster/port to this day. 

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Saturn, just because of the 32-bit RPGs like Shining Force III and Panzer Dragoon Saga. Second favorite is Sega CD, mostly because of Lunar and Lunar 2.

Genesis had the most solid library, but I'm a SNES guy.

Dreamcast then Saturn.

Dreamcast is my favorite console of all time. Saturn is up there as well. Such brilliant systems cut before their time. At least the Japanese library for both is amazing and Dreamcast is still getting homebrew games. 2D and 3D. In fact, a new 3D racing game is in the way and a Space Harrier clone. Worried my Saturn may die soon so I am glad I pre-ordered a Polymega.

I love all SEGA Systems tho. I will take an SMS over an NES any day of the week. Genesis and SNES tho is much closer to me. I'm mainly an RPG guy so SNES takes that but I love Genesis action games and the RPGs it does have. God I miss when consoles truly felt different than just the brand on the box. Yes I am old. So what. My profile age is when Saturn launched.

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I like Master System, Mega Drive and Dreamcast equally so I didn't vote.

Saturn is the only one I was (and still am) a bit "meh" about.

If I was going with my head i'd say Megadrive as it simply had the biggest and best library of any of Sega's consoles and competed well against the SNES (undeniably one of the best consoles ever!) but if I was going with my heart (which I am here) i'm picking the Master System simply because it's where it all started for me and my brother. We desperately wanted the Megadrive which was crazy popular at the time (this was back in 1993 when we lived in Scotland) but our dad bought the Master System 2 instead as it was cheaper and he couldn't tell the difference between the two lol.

Even though there was initial disappointment we gave it a go and ended of loving the games we started with: Alex Kidd (which was pre-installed on it) and the Sonic games which we didn't realise were different to the Megadrive ones. We ultimately ended up loving the console and purchased or rented all of the following games on it which in my opinion are all classics:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World & Shinobi World
Wonder boy in Monster Land & 3 Dragons Trap
Sonic 1, 2 & Chaos
Lucky Dime Caper & Deep Duck Trouble
Castle of Illusion & Land of Illusion
Asterix & Asterix and the Secret Mission (the latter being my personal fave game on it)
Master of Darkness
Ecco the Dolphin
Prince of Persia
Gain Ground (this was our fave multiplayer game)

I do have the Dreamcast and Saturn too and think they're both great in different ways but also quite flawed. The Saturn simply couldn't do 3D as well as the other consoles which really held it back for me even though looking back now its got some rare games that can only be experienced on it. The Dreamcast was very ambitious and way ahead of its time as everyone knows but it released with a weak controller that really should've had 2 analog sticks. Also it didn't get long enough on the market for us to see it's true potential sadly.

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The Master System. It's basically a NES done right.
At the same time, the SNES is a Megadrive/Genesis done right.
Saturn is meh overall, but it has Sega Rally...

Sadly never played the Dreamcast

Dreamcast easily.

Granted I never played Master System or Saturn, so only Mega Drive beside Dreamcast, but Dreamcast was so far ahead of its time that it made my family not even bat an eye at PlayStation 2. That alone obviously doesn't really say much, but the system also had SoulCalibur, still the best fighting game ever made, and several of what became my all-time favourites like Crazy Taxi. The system was the pinnacle of the arcade style gameplay, good for short but intense bursts of gameplay and fun. Mega Drive on the other hand didn't really have much that interested me, and it was definitely overshadowed by the sheer onslaught of classics the SNES had during the time. I'd say Dreamcast however is, along with the N64 and the first PlayStation, part of my top 3 of favourite consoles of all time, at least top 5.

Mega Drive. The only one I've actually played, so it wins by default. Although it was a decent console in its own right anyway.

The_Liquid_Laser said:
 I tried buying a Dreamcast a couple of times, but they kept breaking down shortly after I bought them.

In what ways did they stop working? Most problems with the Dreamcast can be fixed by pulling out the PSU and cleaning it - no technical skills required (if I can do it, anyone can). Sometimes the laser will need a spit-shine too, but you don't even need to open the case for that. 

I'll agree that the Genny is more durable, but the model 1's do have a tendency towards cracked solder joints that can leave you looking at a black screen with audio still running. 

Both amazing systems, no doubt. I only recently got into the Saturn and have been enjoying it's library. I always wanted one as a kid, but definitely couldn't convince my parents to buy three Gen 5 systems :D

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Mega Drive, also know as Genesis, because it had most of the games I loved.

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