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The game is going to be divisive for so many reasons. You spent so much time developing the characters in part 1 to have them all die. Then the person you are playing as (Abby) has nowhere close to the likability of Ellie. It’s like playing Halo 5 as Locke and you spend time beating Chief to death. The shock value will be completely undermined by the fans investment in original characters and dislike of Abby.

Then you have the trans topic which will create an online mess of politics for months. People will be reduced to political sides and the game itself will be lost within all that. Definitely not a good call for ND.

Long story short, LOU wasn’t divisive. This will be. Somewhere along the line their vision was warped. And now to me, ND is no longer the flawless jewel in PlayStations crown. It always made (past tense :p ) me jelly that they could do no wrong. 

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Honestly this is hot garbage .. i'm in disbelief of how bad and lazy this story is. Oh Naughty Dog, Naughty Dog what the hell are you doing.

Ka-pi96 said:
kirby007 said:

Because the bad guy wants revenge and your killcount is to high to be viewed as good anymore

I could name plenty of real life figures with much larger kill counts than Joel/Ellie that are still considered good. Include fictional characters and I could name a metric shit tonne.

Besides, morality is relative and to me at least Joel/Ellie were 100% the good guys from the first game.

its just shit that people you grow attached to get killed off, see Game of thrones  for example I say GOT is top quality content aside from S8

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Captain_Yuri said:
You know what would really subvert my expectations and make this game a solid purchase for me is if all this was a marketing stunt and the actual game has a completely different fap worthy narrative.

Oh god we can only hope !! poor fans like you and me have now entered that stage of denial where we are grasping at straws desperately trying to convince ourselves that this has to be wrong. I mean all this it's.. it's shockingly bad.

I'm not sure of how to feel reading it on paper, i'll wait for the actual full game at least because it's possible how they execute it in game is what sells it. But eh, i'm iffy on if I like the direction they went here.

I do still feel like if they wanted to do a second The Last of Us it should have been with a different cast of characters though. I feel like Joel and Ellie's story really wrapped up perfectly in the first game and left enough to your imagination to fill in whatever headcanon you want about what happened afterwards. This does sort of dampen the ending of that now. 

Killing off Joel is fucking lame tho. I was sort of hoping that Naughty Dog would realize that it would be so obvious that they were gonna do it so they would pull a "HA tricked you" and actually keep him alive, but eh.

I will say it is respectable that, even if it's unsure how their audience will respond to it, they went in a BOLD direction here by choosing to do this. I don't think many would have expected this. Gotta give it to them, they stuck to their guts with this. Let's just see if it pays off though. 

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theDX said:


This picture is why I am convinced this is all a PR stunt. 

Canceled my pre-order. At least for now I won't play the game. I don't really like the direction they chose and I'm not really in the mood to play something that will make me feel bad or angry. Maybe when the PS5 version releases I will give it a chance, but for now it's not for me.

LudicrousSpeed said:
theDX said:


This picture is why I am convinced this is all a PR stunt. 

There is gameplay and cutscenes i saw with this character.. it's real.

This is really... sad. Part 1 is one of my favorite games ever. The story and how it is told is absolutely amazing. I also like the gameplay. But the story and the characters were the most important. There was no political message. Just a journey of those broken characters. Not only Joey and Ellie but all other characters that you find during the game and how their lives were broken due to the outbreak and also see all those places and how it changed.

The story was sad, very sad, but there was also hope. Hell, Ellie was hope itself. What drove you during the game was hope, a sense of commitment, and then later it was love. When I was playing I felt like I really had to protect Ellie, because I loved her and because of hope for the human race.

Now part 2 seems to be only about hate, vengeance, violence. The cicle of vengeance. On top of that we have the whole "white man bad" thing. A lesbian love triangle. A trans character (not confirmed). Is this really necessary? Seems so forced. Also the death of characters we love.

I always thought the game should not have a continuation. It was perfect as it was. But you could create a lot of other stories in that world. Maybe a prequel. But this? Well, not for me.

muh revenge is bad mmmkay is so damn cliche. That's what I meant in it trying to sound deep but is so trashy. Jesus, Shenmue was giving that message 20 years ago. So many games love to do that shit and it's dull. Hey Shenmue II had a trans woman as well. Shenmue as much as I love it, not that well written. TLOU2. This game really sounds like it thinks it's breaking new ground when it's not. Thinks it has something deep and profound and it's not. Think it has an original message when it doesn't. It's stupid in every way. TLOU2 sounds like a modern Walking Dead episode.

ND thinks they are the best at writing a story. Heh Yakuza 0 and Judgment are better written than this and are some of the best in the biz. Ok no not end of the world stuff but are similar concepts here and there.

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