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Forums - Sony Discussion - [RUMOR] Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on The works, It was planned to be trilogy and HZ 2 planned for PS4 but shifted to PS5 to take advantage of new tech and architecture on PS5

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I can see the reason they are ported the first one to PC,  is to attract others (PC player) to play the sequel on consoles (PS5) beside selling more copies (just my theory ) . There is possibilities they will make the sequel exclusives.

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best game on PS4 and likely best game on PS5, yes give me more

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Makes sense since the first one was a success


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Welcome it, such a great game and on PS5 it will sell loads. This is the type of games we need for the next gen.

Hmm, pie.

I just hope they improve the combat system with human enemies, as it felt average and the physics to them had a floaty feel. Everything else was great though.

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Good to read. Its a fantastic game. Hopefully we'll get an official announcement trailer/teaser before the PS5 releases.

I am hoping for a fuller and more vivid world. I also want more side activities.

Is good! I know a game has really grabbed me when I read the bestiary in bed, and go over various wiki details over lunch.

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Well I never take rumours seriously, but well I will wait for it, I really liked HZD.

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I'm shocked that they were even considering releasing it on PS4, glad they are shifting it over to PS5. Sounds like it probably won't be a launch title for PS5 though. Starting to wonder what Sony will have for launch, other than the rumored ports of TLOU 2, GT Sport, and Ghost of Tsushima. Will PS5 have any actual exclusives available on release besides the 2nd party Godfall?