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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Next 'Grand Theft Auto' could be a 'moderately sized release' with regular updates

I don't like the direction Rockstar is going.

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Not sure I like this idea, what made GTA V so great was having such a vast world at your fingertips straight away.. well after a few missions, but still.

Ka-pi96 said:
ie. if you like GTA for the singleplayer modes then prepare to be massively disappointed because it will be a small game and will stay small forever.

Well I guess like most people

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This should only impact the amount of scripted content imo, there should still be 100hours of gameplay to be had

Given that they never released the promise single player DLC for GTA5 either, I wouldn't trust them if they said "we'll add more later".

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I believe Rockstar has overtaken Blizzard in longest development time per game.  Actually maybe that is Retro.

EricHiggin said:
Darwinianevolution said:
So it's another live service? Just remake Vice City or San Andreas in the GTA V engine, how hard is it?

At this point, don't give them any more less demanding idea's.

A remake of one of the old games would be as minimum efford as they come. Copy and paste the old Vice City map on the GTA V engine, add a couple of bells and whistles, some new minigames, and voilá. They wouldn't even need to design new missions or script.

The only thing that would be even less efford would be asking someone to port GTA V to the Switch, and for some reason (ehem online ehem) they don't want to.

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Read dead 2 crunch really busted devs asses at Rockstar. Thus maybe releasing Gta6 in parts would alliviate the overwork.


Sounds like GTA VI could just be GTA Online 2. Not appealling at all to me.

So that means if they're still "considering" this, they've not net yet begun development of GTAVI. Will it even release on next gen.