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Forums - Sales Discussion - COMG! Japan Preorder Chart


Miss you Boutros

Click HERE and be happy 

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I really hope Boutros is Ok...

Are they giving FF7R away for free now or wtf with that jump now???

@chart - Amazing day for Final Fantasy VII Remake. I really hope it has a good ratio, though...


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Whatever's going on with Boutros, hope he's ok. Appreciate you for doing this.

Nice that the thread could start with some surprise action on the chart.

1. Great work with the new thread.
2. WTH is up with Boutros? Does nobody know anything about him?
3.FF7R finishes in one amazing way. It seems that the great reviews convinced most people who were waiting it out.

Vote the Mayor for Mayor!

Huge jump for Final Fantasy VII

SpokenTruth said:
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Good work on the new thread. Oooh, linear gradients in the charts too...very nice. As mentioned in the old thread, I'll step in if you need a break.

And damn, FF.

Thanks. I looked at Boutros' and your charts and decided I should replicate that look. Also I was tired lol, I meant to put your name in the OP.