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Forums - Sales Discussion - COMG! Japan Pre-Order Chart


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Whatever's going on with Boutros, hope he's ok. Appreciate you for doing this.

Nice that the thread could start with some surprise action on the chart.

1. Great work with the new thread.
2. WTH is up with Boutros? Does nobody know anything about him?
3.FF7R finishes in one amazing way. It seems that the great reviews convinced most people who were waiting it out.

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Huge jump for Final Fantasy VII

It's nice to see so many visual novels that well supported, though I guess they have very front loaded sales.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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So much for FF7 struggling to break 200 points

After FF7R is gone things likely will become incredible boring.
Lets hope for some surprise :)

whoa! the new chart looks amazing. Cheers to a new thread!

Amazing jump for ff7R, why is it this late though?

Used to follow COMG! a lot in the past. Now really don't care anymore, but i still wanted to be there for the beginning of the new thread. The old one was legendary.
Good luck to all you guys!

People only want Final Fantasy today :D