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Forums - Sales Discussion - COMG! Japan Pre-Order Chart

theDX said:
PS4 version ended up taking the lead, but it was an interesting back and forth.

This at least shows that multiplatform games between PS4 and Switch are beneficial for developers.

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AC still over 250 pt lets see if it can get around 200k this week again, also good hold for ff7

Looks like RFA got fresh stock, which tells me the Switch itself got it as well.

ff7R getting new shipment?

Lurker here, how does the Sales chart works? Is it only for the sales in COMG store or based on the weekly famitsu? Kind of surprised sakura wars suddenly popping up.

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It's COMG sales only. The lower half has older games pop in and out all the time.

I wonder what's the sales potential for Ghost of Tsushima..
Looks great graphics and presentation-wise, but the gameplay is..alright.
Considering the PS4 has a reasonable userbase of over 9 million and that the setting of the game is in Japan, I would have thought there would be more interest. At least coming from the angle of seeing the COMG numbers.

What the heck is Bayonetta & Vanquish, spinoff? I thought Nintendo owned the rights to publish Bayonetta games.

Playing Xenoblade 2 before I buy Xenoblade 3 (otherwise I couldn't wait to play 3).

Can they announce a new Fire Emblem? A remake of Genealogy or Tellius would suffice !

Everybody's too busy playing either Animal Crossing or Final Fantasy to preorder any other games right now

Marth said:

NSW - 10

PS4 - 10

Total: 519 (-221 WoW)

Ring Fit Adventure seems to have some more supply for a change