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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are your fave RPG ever?

Earthbound and TW3 are probably my top two. I don't play a ton of RPGs though.

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Eric2048 said:


Final Fantasy 12

Chrono Trigger

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy VI

Suikoden 2

Dragon Quest XI

I've also gotten into Final Fantasy 14 recently and it may go up there with my favorites soon.

It may be your last favourite if you get too deep into it. A quality mmo though. I never played it more than WoW, but if I was to go back to one it'd be FFXIV.

Persona 5, Final Fantasy VI (III) and Paper Mario TTYD

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Xenoblade X then 2 then 1
Fire emblem 3 houses then path of radiance then radiant dawn
Final fantasy XII then VIII then IX
Grandia Xtreme + Xenogears + Skyrim + dark souls

I miss rpgs from Level 5 PS2 gen. wish they could remake something like that. Ni No Kuni is amazing but not up these releases.

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I wish they would just release YW4/+ in the west in retailers. Only YW that looks interesting to me.

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