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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch: Three Years In


Best year so far?

2017 29 52.73%
2018 2 3.64%
2019 13 23.64%
2020 0 0%
Yet to come 11 20.00%

Switch's first three years have been good across the board (crap first quarters in every year apart from 2017 though). 2019's been my favourite year so far games-wise, DQXI and FE:3H were absolutely fantastic, and Tangledeep was great as well.

It's currently my second favourite system ever, to overtake the DS and nab #1 it needs 2 or more of the following for me: Pikmin, another mainline FE game, another mainline DQ (a remake is acceptable for both DQ and FE), a PMD: EoS remake/new entry, Mother (1-3 remake, or a new story), Chibi-Robo!, a new mainline Pokemon (improved from SwSh, with a lot more content), a Mario RPG (don't care which flavour), a new IP that grabs me.

I think it's definitely going to get there by the time all is said and done.

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SpokenTruth said:
curl-6 said:

I'm trying. I'm really trying. But damn, would it kill them just to give us an outline of what's coming in April-June? I don't see why they can't just drop a Direct like last year's February one, that was awesome, plus they could even use it to give AC another plug. There just doesn't seem any reason for them to hold out like this, it's not like people are gonna not buy AC if they know what games are coming for the next 6 months. It makes zero sense.

What do they gain by publishing a general ND right before AC?  You can't buy anything yet.  So the value of a ND is only realized later. They will show you in due time when it makes the most sense financially to do so.

And yes, as weird as it sounds to avid fans, non-relevant information dumped out just prior to a big event has a known impact on that event for the general buying public. 

I don't recall the release of major games stopping them having a roadmap before. It's not like last year they didn't announce anything for the year beyond Mario Maker 2.

Right now it really feels like they've just chucked in the towel and aren't even trying, like in 2011-2012 or 2016.

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Tagging for later.

My highlights of this past year, first party wise, were Pokemon Sword and Luigi's Mansion 3, the first hit me in a way that reminds me of the Black/White days. And LM being everything I wanted out of the series.

Third parties off the top of my head, Sayonara Wild Hearts and Divinity Original Sin 2 were my high points.

Pretty great overall.