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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Nintendo waiting on Sony for the next direct?


Is Nintendo waiting on Sony?

Yes 5 8.47%
NO 54 91.53%

I think nintendo is certainly trying to not schedule there direct the same week as the ps5 reveal. Nintendo would like to have the spotlight for themselves. But I dont think they are necessarily looking to one up the ps5 reveal. Nintendo likely sees it as a competitor, but not a threat.


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There'll be hundreds of millions of eyes on the gaming industry the week the PS5 is revealed. New console reveals are one of the rare occasions gaming gets mainstream press coverage. For the sake of a week/month delay to the Direct, they'd be stupid not to.

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That would be a silly thing to do. These games have release schedules, even if they are un-announced. They'll show the Direct when they're ready. What Sony does at this point is not important to Nintendo. They're literally off on their own island.

The next Nintendo direct will probably focus heavy on Animal Crossing. The game is supposed to release end of March. So the next direct can't be later than early to mid March.

People should know by now that Nintendo just does whatever the hell the want regardless. They don't care what Sony is doing and they often don't seem to care about their own fans. Nintendo is just going to do what they want when they feel like it.

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I hope whatever they're waiting on blows past so I can get that Xenoblade X port announcement ;)

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No. If anything they might want to keep the Direct as far away from PS5's event. A new console takes a lot of the attention away. The Direct should have been done already.

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unless nintendo will announce switch 2 omega pro.... no...
maybe it is the other way around...

nintendo doesnt want to announce games then be overshadowed by sony's ps5 unveil....


More copies of animal crossing will sell this year than PS5's so Sony should be worried about Nintendo's direct rather than the opposite.


Dulfite said:
More copies of animal crossing will sell this year than PS5's so Sony should be worried about Nintendo's direct rather than the opposite.


Think you meant /S. For sarcasm. 

Comparing a $60 game to a 400/500/600 system is very awkward.

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