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Forums - General Discussion - What is your saltiest moderation?


Today 02-02-2020 is the first global palindrome day in 909 years since 11-11-1111, next will come in 101 years on 12-12-2121 and after that there will not be another date until 03-03-3030... you get the idea.

Let's celebrate this rare and special day by returning to an old topic recently brought up by a salty member (I kid, I kid) about salty moderations. Won't be making a list of good and bad users this time around, but still feel free to share your best moderation.

Kudos to OTB for this thread idea.

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I never got banned or anything, only ever warned. And one of the warnings that I disagreed with was this

I felt I wasn't directing it at anyone specific on the site and I think it was fair game since it was the height of the Sony not allowing crossplay accounts and a lot of people defending that.

04/10/16 - 5 day ban for saying "Hajime Tabata can go F#$k off" in an article. I mean I even censored the word.

I guess there is a lot of Tabata fans in here.

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I got banned for a day or two for calling Chazore "son" once in the comments section of an article once, a few years back.

Only reason I am salty over it is because it seems a little overly sensitive to justify a ban if you ask me.

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Uhm, 10-02-2001?

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From my two warnings, I will have to go with the misleading 3DS title. I thought Nintendo fans were hardened members capable to withstand sticks and stones; but some skins become weak when third parties are mentioned, specially if the platform in question was faltering at the time.

Still, it was after remembering that awkward Saints Row E3 announcement that I had to post that news with that angle.

@S.Peelman palindrome dates that work simultaneously on DD-MM-YYYY and MM-DD-YYYY formats

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You say tomato, I say tomato 

"¡Viva la Ñ!"

Any and all times I was moderated by @axumblade.

Modded - axum

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Easily this one:

The Netherlands won 2-1 against Mexico and you can see it clearly in the quoted post that the user who I responded to had idiotic reasoning for not making a 2-1 prediction in the World Cup 2014 prediction league. Idiotic reasoning is committed by idiots, so I was correct in my assessment (which I happened to get banned for).

And to add insult to injury, that idiot still ended up winning the World Cup prediction league despite being an idiot. That's why I am salty to this day.

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Moren said:

Any and all times I was moderated by @axumblade.

Hate that guy...

Well I've only been banned once, so there aren't a lot of options to pick from. It was for creating a thread entitled "Why Texas Sucks" back in 2017, which accurately described why my home state sucks. Apparently, many other Texans dissented from this and the thread title was changed, which I griped about (it was intended as a light-hearted thread, buck up buttercup), which in turn got me banned. One of the forum administrators advised me to "move to Austin".

I did nothing wrong!