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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Quarterly Results (Switch 52.48m, Pokemon 16m)

MK8's sales numbers between the WiiU and Switch is are absolutely insane.

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Switch continues doing really well.

Marth said:

Switch continues doing really well.

Through twelve fiscal quarters:

Switch - 52.48m
PS4 - 47.4m

The PS4 shipped 20.1m in the following four fiscal quarters, so Switch must do 15m+ to stay ahead through four years. Doable, despite the upcoming ~2m in January to March 2020.

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I've never been much of a Pokemon fan, but looking at these numbers I keep asking myself, "How would this Pokemon game have sold if fans had actually liked it?"

SKMBlake said:
OTBWY said:

I don't really have much to say except for a few points.

- Astral Chain 2 will happen.
- Marvel was a good deal, more will come.
- 52 million under 3 years. 100 million is a realistic goal.
- Pokemon is going to be over 20 million easy.
- Splatoon 2 aaaalmost at 10 million.

The Switch: 

Actually it is expected to easily reach 100 million now

3Ds sold 76m and Switch is destroying it despite having far more expensive hardware and software. In fact switch has already surpassed 3ds software sales in Europe and the America's. At this rate I'd expect far more than a 24m hardware increase over 3ds especially when their is still so much room for price cuts. I think 115m to 120m is possible now.

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Amazing numbers. It's a shame that pokemon sold that much. It deserves so much better but these numbers will keep enabling gamefreak's anti consumer practices.

Great numbers all around! I wish their software page included more than their Top 10 games of all-time because we lose track of smaller titles after their release quarter.

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Nu-13 said:

Amazing numbers. It's a shame that pokemon sold that much. It deserves so much better but these numbers will keep enabling gamefreak's anti consumer pratics.

I have to agree. Nintendo is doing excellent with many new entries in series: BOTW, Mario Odyssey, Luigi's Mansion, FE Three Houses, Smash Ultimate are all excellent entries that have a lot of effort put into them. Pokemon Sw/Sh on the other hand is an improvement over the 3DS entries (no shit Sherlock), but there are a lot of smaller and bigger things that show how Gamefreak did cut corners. I'm unsure how to feel about that. For one I think the big sales of Pokemon are a great thing, on the other hand it feels like it rewards Gamefreaks complacency. Hopefully the next entry improves at least incrementally. We'll see.

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I've adjusted up our Switch sales to be more in line with the shipment figures. Before there was a difference of over 2.5 million. It is now around 2 million.

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MK8D crosses the 20m mark. Smash, odyssey and botw getting ready to join the 20m club. Splatoon and super mario party even more ready for the 10m club. Luigi's mansion reached 5m much faster than I thought. Great to see astral chain at over 1m, as platinum deserves it (now show us bayo 3). I expected much more for marvel but a million seller is a million seller. Link's awakening outsold the original (an extremely rare feat for a remake) and ring fit is still streching it's legs.

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