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Forums - Website Topics - Annoying ads while posting on mobile.

I've noticed that there are ads on the bottom of the reply page on mobile that make it hard to see what you're typing. Is it possible for it to be moved somewhere else on the screen or for there to be no ads while replying?

Here's an example 

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Adblock browser.

I use it all the time.

Yeah. It's awful. I normally press enter a couple times so I can see what's written at the bottom. Not a real fix but eh.

These have been there for a long time already. I gave up entirely on posting on mobile because of stuff like this.

We pretty much can't do anything about it sadly, sorry. It's best to use Adblock if you can and/or email Ioi regarding the ads:

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This should be fixed...

There's a Call of Duty ad that is taking half the screen of my laptop. I try not to use ad blocker here, for the sake of this forum, but it's kinda too annoying to read the forums with just half the screen.

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