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You concerned yet?

Yes 94 49.47%
No, but I will be followi... 50 26.32%
No, its being overblown 46 24.21%

Another new variant found

A new coronavirus variant has been detected in four travellers from Brazil's Amazonas state, Japan's Health Ministry said on Sunday, the latest new mutation of the virus discovered.

"At the moment, there is no proof showing the new variant found in those from Brazil is high in infectiousness,"

Brazil's Health Ministry said it has been notified by Japan's authorities that the new variant has 12 mutations, and one of them has already been identified also in the variants found in the United Kingdom and in South Africa. "It implies in a potential higher virus infectiousness,"

Cases in Japan have been sharply going up the past few days

Japan declared a state of emergency for Tokyo and three prefectures neighboring the capital on Thursday.

With the amount of active infections circulating it is no wonder we'll see more mutations.
23,672,817 currently Infected Patients.

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I don't get it. What's different about these new strains compared to the hundreds that have been found before? Sounds more like the media jumping on their new favorite word "strain", because it makes people fear and fear makes them money.

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vivster said:

I don't get it. What's different about these new strains compared to the hundreds that have been found before? Sounds more like the media jumping on their new favorite word "strain", because it makes people fear and fear makes them money.

The difference is how much more infectious these new strains are (The UK one and South Africa), although the Brazil one could just be another harmless mutation. What is more worrying is that despite all the travel restrictions and precautions, these new strains have no trouble at all spreading out over the world.

People could use a little bit more fear, reason isn't working.

"A new experimental HIV vaccine using the same approach as a leading COVID-19 vaccine triggers production of neutralizing antibodies that protected monkeys from infection with an HIV-like virus"

A mRNA-based HIV vaccine was being trialed before there was one for COVID19.

A good read here:


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Doug Ford declared a provincial state of emergency (again). Hospitals won't be able to cope anymore in a couple weeks if nothing changes. The soft lock down isn't working, 30% of people are ignoring it. So now we have stay at home orders from the 14th for at least 28 days, further closures, limit of 5 people together outside, schools remain closed until Februari 10th.

The state of emergency declaration is more so local law enforcement can actually do something when they see people in violation of the rules

"Let me be clear, if people are found not complying with these orders, they will be subject to fines and prosecution," Jones said. "We are taking the current situation very seriously and we ask that all Ontarians do the same."

The time to ask nice is now over.

In better news, Canada is aiming to distribute vaccines to all Canadians by September. This wave should be the last (big wave at least), just need to get through it. So far just over 6,000 people have received the second shot, should be immune now. Far too little and too slow going to curb the current wave but things are on track to avoid another big wave.

UK study shows arthiris drugs tocilizumab and sarilumab reduce the death rate in covid patients by 24%

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SvennoJ said:

Vietnam is doing really well for its size, only 1500 cases and 35 deaths on a population of 96 million.

Their strategy obviously works, if it's one you would want to live in is a different question

Yet there are parallels with New Zealand and Taiwam

Other countries, such as Taiwan and New Zealand, have likewise been remarkably successful in cultivating high levels of social cohesion, which helped to keep the pandemic at bay. No matter what the means are, it is clear that those who stay united manage to persevere in the face of the hardest situations.

Clear and consistent messaging bordering on indoctrination together with strong social cohesion is what works. Shouting fake news and standing up for your rights not to wear a mask, does not help.

JRPGfan said:

So much this.

People that cry "enough is enough" "my rights", and those that refuse to follow guildelines, are what cause this to drag on forever, and keep staying around (and harming and killing more people). Its a case of "only as strong as your weakest link", and the more of these types you have in a society the worse it does.

Its sad, but it appears that chinas methode of simply beating people into submission, might have been for their own good.
Even if they lied about numbers (by a factor of like 10x), they still got of light compaired to many other nations, esp considering their population density.

Pandemics are handled best either by haveing insane levels of unity & social cohesion (to the point a free nation almost wont have it), or by simply enforceing it with a heavy hand (dictator like style).


The word quarantine comes from quarantena, meaning "forty days", used in 14th–15th-century Venetian and designating the period that all ships were required to be isolated before passengers and crew could go ashore during the Black Death plague epidemic; it followed the trentino, or thirty-day isolation period, first imposed in 1347 in the Republic of Ragusa, Dalmatia (modern Dubrovnik in Croatia).

This worked (europe figured this sh*t out ages ago).

How did they manage to get people to copperate?
Did they have high levels of social unity & cohesion? nope.

They had a 0 tolerance policy, and shot and killed anyone attempting to break Quarantine rules.
After that, no more disease & plague.

Now people arnt even given fines most places for breaking rules.
And if they are, their so light, many dont even take it seriously.
Ontop of those crazies that just laugh in the face of it all, and believe their own "alternative facts" (or reality).

There should be crazy punishments for doing things that lead to more spread (and breaking rules/guidelines).
Only way to get public "unity" some places.
Police officeres like (some of) the ones in the USA, that refuse to enact these laws & rules, should all be fired, and fined, and blacklisted.

chakkra said:

100% agree

I wish for people who have lost someone due to COVID to start suing all of those journalists and politics that have made a point of spreading misinformation. I'm sure they will be more careful about the sh*t they say on TV/Social media when people start holding them accountable for their actions.

haxxiy said:

Dude, chill out. I think you're way too emotionally invested in this. It's a respiratory tract disease, not the fucking black plague.

Yeah, countries who are either islands or authoritarian and absurdly non-transparent about their data have fewer infections, who on Earth could have predicted that? Truly mindblowing that it's exactly these who happen to have that mythical "social cohesion" you speak of...

Note, every sociologist would agree and point out that non-democratic countries have greater degrees of social unrest and civil disobedience. Google 'mass incidents': that's the euphemism China uses for them, for instance. So, no need to toss civil liberties out of the window.

Incredible that we have to argue that no, use of force is not the way, but here we are.

Also this:

I thought they were supposed to have "figured things out" at the beginning of the modern age according to you, no? Guess it's not as easy as it seems, then.

Mnementh said:

I was always impressed by Vietnams success in fighting this natural disaster. The country is poorer and more densely populated than most european countries. As a neighbor with close economic bonds to China it was affected early on. Yet Vietnam was able to get through it mostly unscathed.

And I think early and consistent messaging is one of the key areas here. You want to secure cooperation of the population, and while you can fine people breaking the rules, it is much more effective to start guifing them early on with clear and consistent messages. For instance, this song was from February subtitled in many languages (at a time here in europe everyone painted it as an asian problem and the governmental messaging was that our health system is great and nobody needs to worry):

international variant in english:

That already takes the fight against the epidemic as a serious issue that everyone is involved in and communicates the main methods: hand washing, not touching the face, avoiding crowds, and the video shows consistent mask usage. People are fast to point out that Vietnam is a totalitarian state, and sure enforcing their methods with police and military was a factor. But having songs like these in February officially circulated is far from totalitarian and would have changed already a lot for other countries.

LurkerJ said:

I don't know if I care that much about the total number of infected people to be honest. Almost everyone I know who got infected almost did it to themselves deliberately, by taking masks lightly and going on lunch breaks or socializing without masks. I have managed to avoid it by wearing the simplest of masks so far, despite the heavy daily exposure. It does seem like carelessness affects the careless the most, and had minimal effect on me. Early on we had contradicting evience and short supplies of masks, it's not the case anymore and in the majority of cases seem self-inflicted.

Regardless of your opinions, I will tell you all about Vietnam's methods:

- We all knew Wuhan got lockdown in January 2020 or even sooner, and WHO told everyone there was nothing to worry about. However, we had two question during that time:

1.If not dangerous, why the lockdown?

2.If not dangerous, why the death kept increasing into thousands (>3000)?

- With just 2 questions, we decided to take it seriously and prepared everything necessary to fight back.

Preperation and fight back:

1.Our goverment kept mentioning everyone about a mysterious virus (Covid 19 now) which caused many deaths in China and warning anyone who tried to come to China.

2.Tested every people who came from China (or every foreign country now) and quarantined them for at least 14 days.

3.The goverment was very transparent about this, the citizen trusted the leader and obeyed the law. Anyone who tried to break the law would get quarantined in jail and receive punishment later.

4.In Vietnam, everyone's health and safety >>> the selfish freedom of some people.

5.Kept propagandizing about the harm of Covid on TV, message, internet, radio... to everyone in Vietnam.

6.SARS, H5N1, H1N1, H3N1... All of these made us taking everything that could be a threat very cautious.

7.If one person got covid, we locked down the whole town for at least 14 days and tested everyone who was in it. Always wore mask when we left home.

Of course, some stupid guys tried to pass our border without doing any test and quarantine, hence 35 deaths happened because of those trashes. But basically, we are putting it in control for now. Not sure about other nations though.

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Viet Nam is a rather pitiable 175th out of 180 countries in the Press Freedom Index, where it keeps immediate company to a coincidentally amazing coronavirus-proof roster of countries including China, North Korea, Turkmenistan, and Laos.

If only we still had Einstein or something around to solve this epidemiological mystery...

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haxxiy said:

Viet Nam is a rather pitiable 175th out of 180 countries in the Press Freedom Index, where it keeps immediate company to a coincidentally amazing coronavirus-proof roster of countries including China, North Korea, Turkmenistan, and Laos.

If only we still had Einstein or something around to solve this epidemiological mystery...

Bold: this "pitiable 175th" country won against China, France and America during war time.