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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - 6 New fighters in Fighter Pack 2 for Smash. Your Picks?

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Seriously, fix the sources of my characters.

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*Scrolls through thread to see all the Geno and Waluigi requests.*

I'm surprised. It looks like not everyone at VGC is part of the internet hive mind.

My Top Picks:

1. Geno
2. Waluigi

1-Lara Croft(tomb raider)
2-Crash(crash bandicoot)
3-2B(nier automata)
4-Travis Touchdown(no more heroes)
5-Sora(kingdim hearts)
6-Rex/Pyra(xenoblade 2)

The main characters I wanted are already in the game so I don't have anyone specific. I'll just let MasterOverlordGod Sakurai surprise (or disappoint) me.

Why..6 new fire emblem characters of course!

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Just to illustrate my preference for Nu-13, someone already made her for project M. Obviously she wouldn't be that obnoxious but the video shows her play style very well.

I would like more Nintendo characters.

Starfox - Krystal/Peppy/Slippy
Animal Crossing - Any re-occurring character
Donkey Kong - DK Jr.
Mario - Waluigi/Toad/Birdo/Fawful/Kamek/Geno/Rawk Hawk/Paper Mario
Golden Sun - Isaac
Advanced Wars - Andy
Mother - Paula/Jeff/Poo/Porky/Flint

If I had to pick 6...

1. Waluigi
2. Andy
3. Rawk Hawk
4. Isaac
5. DK Jr.
6. Conker

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RaptorChrist said:
*Scrolls through thread to see all the Geno and Waluigi requests.*

I'm surprised. It looks like not everyone at VGC is part of the internet hive mind.

To be fair, this thread is more about predictions than requests.

LMU Uncle Alfred said:
Why..6 new fire emblem characters of course!

You say this as a joke, but after playing as Byleth...I'd be completely okay with it. some of my favourite characters have been from Fire Emblem, to be honest. Marth/Roy I love, Ike is the perfect tank, corrin and Robin are both amazing and unique (With Robin being the progenitor of the idea of a character having 'limited MP', I believe), and now Byleth is a lovely weapon user of all manner of weapons. yeah, Roy is basically just Marth with fire, chrom is basically just Roy and Ike's lovechild, and Lucina has no reason to exist in the game, but the other 5 characters are all outstanding. 

I care a lot more about how fun a character is than if she's a personal fave from another game. I love Geno (he's my boy and my #1 pick for here and all other Smash-related characters), but if he sucks...then why even bother? I bought the first Fighters Pass and only really loved 1 character from the whole roster (Byleth) and liked 1 more (Banjo) with the other three not appealing to me much at all. but you know what? I just bought Fighters Pass 2 becuase Smash is a party game and I'm not the only one who plays it. 

I could go into detail why people are being entitled about this, but smarter people than I have done a better job. I just find it so annoying that people are being so dickish about not liking a DLC character like it's a personal insult to you and the people you like. It's fine to be disappointed that a character you like didn't get in, but the hate and aggression shown by so many over it is hilarious and laughable. 

Most people SHOULD be ashamed of their behaviour. 

I'm upset that Geno didn't make it. I think Dante or Minecraft Steve would have been better choices. I think there are other directions the DLC could have taken...but the behaviour I see in response to this is juvenile and shameful. again, Byleth is a lot of fun, I didn't think I'd like them, but I did. because Sakurai knows what he's doing and the character has more depth than 'ooooh, another fire emblem character'. 

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Is this thread gonna be updated, or...