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6th Annual Xbox Empire Game of the Year Awards

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Ryuu96 said:

I have a feeling we'll see another publisher be gobbled up this year, I don't know who though.

Doubt Microsoft will acquire a 2nd publisher anytime soon, likely a few smaller developers again.

Square Enix Europe (Eidos Montreal/Crystal Dynamics) is my #1 pick for being acquired since Avengers bombed hard and the Guardians of the Galaxy game is MIA.

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Ryuu96 said:

There's a rumour going around that Arkane is working on a vampire game, I don't know where the rumour comes from though.

I don't even remember who developed the original games, but I'd be all for a new Legacy of Kain game. 

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EspadaGrim said:
shikamaru317 said:

If it's not a MS acquisition it's probably Embracer honestly, Embracer been buying up everything.

The majority of Embracers acquisitions have been small studios though, imo only Saber Interactive, 4A Games and Flying Wild Hog have been newsworthy acquisitions so far.

You're forgetting their biggest one, which was Koch Media/Deep Silver.

They're building cash too, in 2020 they raised $812m in total for the specific purposes of acquisitions.

They've also confirmed recently that they're in talks with over 100 developers, big and small, including publishers for acquisition purposes.

So EA as expected has lost exclusivity to the Star Wars license.

Time for Microsoft to remake KOTOR, Star Wars by The Coalition? Lol.

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I'm happy Xbox is investing in new IPs and reboots, those are the games that will attract new users to the ecosystem: Starfield, Avowed, Indiana Jones, Fable, Perfect Dark, Arkane Austin's new IP...

Possible some star wars characters in Gears 5?  We had some leaked executions with one of them being like kait using the force to execute someone.

Time to remove Harry Potter from most anticipated, delayed to 2022.

Ryuu96 said:

Time to remove Harry Potter from most anticipated, delayed to 2022.

If you're talking about on the GOTY voting, I was planning on changing Most Anticipated 2021 to just Most Anticipated in general, so that it would be open to 2022 games or games with no release window like Starfield.