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Bungie lost a lot of talent and Destiny is old. Of course MS will buy them lol.

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Goatseye said:
Ryuu96 said:

Course he denied it.

Eurogamer, Jez, Jeff, Matt (Era Insider) and Nate (Era Insider) are all saying it's true.

You trusting insiders again? 😏 


These are good insiders Tbf, Eurogamer and Jeff have a near perfect track record, Jez is reliable with Microsoft stuff and the Era insiders have been fairly reliable in the past, I trust them over a suite denying a rumour.

Must cost a lot running an 800-employee studio so the rumour isn't too surprising either.

Side note, that community managers reply to Nibel was pretty shit, don't know why he came at Nibel like that when he wasn't even the source.

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Ryuu96 said:

MS sparing no expense. Brian Fargo must be in Heaven right now, I hope that all turns out well for him and InXile.

I'm with Shika on this one. I prefer 4 the best, the game play was really fun. And honestly, I do not get why people want it to go back to SR 1 or even 2... Like Angelus said it would just be a low budget GTA. New engine is a must. Kind of hope the rumors are fake. They could do time travel, and I really liked the old characters. Killing them would be shit if the new ones aren't half as good. Guess we'll find out some year :/

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Holy hell that's a nice office. Excited to see what Inexile's next game will be.

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Grounded was the 7th best selling game on Xbox in the US last month.

People Can Fly preparing for an IPO which I believe is offering stocks/shares to be sold.

Doesn't 100% mean an acquisition but could lead to one I believe.

Having played the Saints Row games I am more tempted to replay 4 over any other one. The superpowers were a blast to have. For me it would be 4 > 3 > Gat Out of Hell >>>>>> 2 > 1

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