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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Games Did U Get From Black Friday Deals?

I got one game, "My memory of Us", and only because it was on sale for 1€ on the eShop. I have too many unplayed games as it is, so I'll wait until the Christmas sales to get anything. Too many discount seasons this time of the year end up hurting one's wallet after all...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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cycycychris said:

I got witcher 3 on switch, $45 it think. Not great but its something.

I got 2 more things. Got a Ring 2 doorbell for my brother $130 and 2 100 K-cups box of coffee for my brothers. Though, those weren't on sale.


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Just got Yakuza Kiwami 1 and 2 for 10 bucks each.

Nothing for me but I stood in line with my brother at GameStop as he bought a PS4 Slim bundle for $199 with Last of Us Remastered, God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn. It was later in the evening but the store was running out of bundles. Luckily my bro got one.

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I'm a new Switch owner (got the yellow Lite!) so I definitely had to take advantage of the deals on the eshop:

Got Sonic Mania, GRIS, Grandia HD Collection, Mighty Switch Force Collection, RiME, Snake Pass, and Celeste.

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Steins;Gate Elite on Switch for $30.

I got collection of mana on cartridge for 19 dollars, and a 512 GB micro sd for 59 dollars.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Picked a PS4 Pro / Modern Warfare bundle

Along with the console, I purchased

Shadow of the Colossus
Street Fighter 5
Horizon Zero Dawn
Nier Automata
Nioh - free this month

Battlefield V ps4 $3.5
Cod WWII ps4 $3.5
Cod black ops 4 PS4 $3.5
Pokken tournament DX $21
New Nintendo 2DS XL $70
Nintendo Switch 2019 + Mario kart 8 bundle $206
New super Mario bros deluxe $35.
Ac odyssey Xbone $7