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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The greatest loser; which console that lost its gen in sales do you love most?

Of all the consoles that were outsold in their generation, which do you think is the best, and why?

For clarification: any console that did not win its generation in sales is eligible.

That includes PS3, 360, N64, Saturn, PSP, Vita, Xbox, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Megadrive/Genesis, Master System, Wii U, Turbografx-16, etc.

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Inb4 Ouya

I love the N64, I love the Gamecube, I love the Wii U despite its clunkyness, but I'll go with the Wii U because, god damn, the soundtracks it brought, ton of my favorite songs come from this guy, perfection with Yoshi, 3D World, Paper Mario, Mario Kart and Kirby especially.

When the only memorable games from a gen are Mario 64, OoT and Goldeneye/PD, it's hard to argue it lost the gen.

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The N64 and it is not close, it is my favorite console ever. Arunner up is the Dreamcast, tied with the OG Xbox.

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Master System
Saturn (3rd fave ever right behind SNES)
Dreamcast ()fave ever to the point of obsession)

I guess PS3 and 360 count now? In that case ues they were better than Wii.
Not my fave ever but I like it. TG16. I also liked OG Xbox more than PS2.

I liked a lot of games on Wii U but I hated using that console. Same with Wii.

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1- N64
2- WiiU
3- Genesis
4- Game Cube
5- Those Xboxes things

Just by the number of games I loved/enjoyed the N64 wins this one for me.

Pyro as Bill said:
When the only memorable games from a gen are Mario 64, OoT and Goldeneye/PD, it's hard to argue it lost the gen.

I think Mario Kart 64, Banjo Kazooie, Majora's Mask, Star Fox 64, Mario Party, and Smash Bros. are all well remembered.  Among others.

PS3 and 360 are good candidates, since the Wii did nothing for me. But I didn't really enjoy the 360 or PS3 that much either.

N64 and Sega Saturn were fine systems, but didn't leave a lasting impression on me aside from a few gems.

So that leaves the OG Xbox and Gamecube. The OG Xbox was a great system that differentiated from the PS2 substantially. It had great 1st party exclusives and great 3rd party exclusives. The only reasons I gave the 360 a chance was due to how good the OG Xbox was, and how cheap I got it for. ($50) The Gamecube was also great, with a few gems, but again it needed just a little bit more. So the winner is OG Xbox.

Of course you might say I am forgetting the other generations, but for the most part the winner held 90%+ of my attention.

Gamecube, for Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia, and Soulcalibur II, among other games. I was incredibly disappointed with the N64, so I was a bit shocked about how much I enjoyed the Gamecube. One or two years I bought more games for it than PS2.

PS3. I got mine after Valkyria Chronicles released and it got good games for the next 5 years.