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I choose...

Wii U 32 28.83%
N64 79 71.17%
padib said:
N64 was a legend.

Ocarina of Time
Majora's mask
Mario Kart 64
Super Mario 64
Mario Tennis
Super Smash Brothers
Ogre Battle 64
Perfect Dark
Banjo kazooie/tooie
Donkey Country 64
Paper Mario
Mario party
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Killer Instinct Gold
Star Fox 64

How many stellar games does it need to be considered better?
Many of these series started on the N64, or just became great (especially Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart)

Not to mention Blast Corps, Mischief Makers, Body Harvest paving the ground work for Grand Theft Auto games, multiple Akklaim games like Turok and Extreme G, Pokemon Puzzle League, Operation Winback, Mystical Ninja, some of my favorite wrestling games, the graphics in Wave Race blew me away, and games we didn't get in America but Japan got included Sin and Punishment and the first Animal Crossing game!  I enjoyed my few years with the Wii U, but the 100's hours playing 4 player, Golden Eye, NBA Hangtime, Wayne Gretzky Hockey, Mario Party, Mario Kart, etc with all the kids in our neighborhood are memories the Wii U could never replicate.

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S.Peelman said:
Jumpin said:

Miiverse was a failure, a feature they had to axe. I’m also not sure which other games integrated it besides New Super Mario Bros U. At its best usage, it was a downgraded version of DeviantArt.

The Wind Waker HD.

Bottles with miiverse messages would wash up ashore. I’d say that was definitely the best integration of a social feature in any video game.

Ah, I didn't actually know about that one.

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Jpcc86 said:
Jumpin said:

You thought Quest 64 was better than Ogre Battle?

My guess is most people didnt play OB64. Quest completely slips my mind when thinking of n64 games, but OB64 is  probably one of my most replayed games ever. 

I'd say Ogre Battle was a more well-known game than Quest 64, though.

But since I like to rant, I'll explain my reasoning: both came out about the same time, both had similar sales (despite OB64 perhaps being the most expensive N64 game of all time), Ogre Battle was universally acclaimed while Quest 64 was panned (91% vs 54% on Gamespot, 88% vs 59% on IGN, 90% vs 20% on RPGamer, 99% vs 50% on RPGFan), Ogre Battle had a re-release on Wii, and it was part of the acclaimed Ogre Battle Franchise which has Final Fantasy Tactics as a spiritual successor.

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When it comes to the consoles themselves N64 by far. N64 was relatively cheap and really powerful with the only problems being the use of cartridges and the small texture cache. Wii U was overpriced and underpowered, with the additional problem of an absurdly weak cpu that bottlenecked third party games.

On the games I overall prefer the Wii U's library, but that has to do with N64 games aging. N64 games in the 90s were revolutionary, breaking ground that had never been seen before.  Relative to their time the N64's library blows away the Wii U by a huge margin.

Wii U has one other advantage, full backwards compatibility with the Wii and a pretty good selection of virtual console games from the NES, SNES, N64, GBA, and DS.  So if you were brand new to games there was more to play overall.

So overall I'd say Wii U is better in a vacuum, but in historical context N64 was far, far superior.  

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For me:

N64 - Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros., Castlevania, Banjo-Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mario Kart 64
Wii U - Super Mario 3D World, Splatoon, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi Bros. U, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8.

I don't know, I think it's a tie. Even if I think the Wii U games are superior, the N64 ones are very memorable for me.

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N64 gets my vote, primarily by virtue of having more great games than the Wii U.

Banjo Kazooie & Tooie, Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Lylat Wars, F-Zero X, all gold tier.

The only Wii U games I'd call true classics are BOTW and Bayonetta 2.

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Better games on Wii U ( even if some where ports of older games) but i voted n64 because i prefered that system.

The N64. I have very fond memories from my childhood.

Overall N64 had some massive issues. Cartridges being the real core of it, it really handed what would have been by far Nintendo’s biggest generation to date to Sony on a silver platter.

Imagine if Nintendo had managed things differently, by the end of 1998 N64 could have had: Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 7 and Tactics, Resident Evil 1 and 2, Grand Theft Auto, Lunar SSS Complete, Suikoden 1 and 2, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Tomb Raider, Goldeneye 007, Banjo Kazooie, Mario Kart 64, and Diddy Kong Racing all on one console. That would have been a proper SNES successor. Little doubt we’d have seen a proper Super Mario RPG successor as well.

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N64, because no Wii U gamepad, and has the better Star Fox game.