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Forums - Sony Discussion - Death Stranding soundtrack is absolutely freaking AMAZING (link inside)

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Machiavellian said:
sub-zero-TM said:

Yeah i watched a couple myself including that excellent DF video and it really looks incredible i just want to get lost in that world and explore. I'm with you on that part about not being 100% sure if i will like it but i'm about 90% sure i will because it really seems that it's my kind of game one that it's so immersive and takes it time and with a lot of small details etc.. definitely not for people with short attention span xD

Now on topic.. listen to the wonderful soundtrack please it's sooo good. 

While the world does looks pretty it also looks very empty.  I watched a few streams to get a feel for the game and while I do agree some of the impressive vista look great, I feel I will grow bored of it after a while because its pretty empty and there appears to be a crap ton of walking.  Oh well not all games are made for everyone.  I know my taste and while I am intrigued, I am not sure if I will not get bored and move to something else before finishing.

I know i'm not sure myself but i will find out when i get my hands on it soon.

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I don't personally intend to play the game (maybe I'll try it on deep sale some day), but the soundtrack is definitely fantastic. Would absolutely recommend giving it a listen.

The game has so many great/sad soundtracks and goosebumps moments <3

KazumaKiryu said:

The game has so many great/sad soundtracks and goosebumps moments <3

yeah it's very good and cool so far, i got the game today and can't stop playing i think i already have 8 hours 

It has very good music. I dont normally play Kojima games but i will say this, one thing he does right for me is make great music and Death Stranding is no exception.

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Not many death stranding players here on vgc? I feel like I'm the only one playing here.

God bless You.

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0D0 said:
Not many death stranding players here on vgc? I feel like I'm the only one playing here.

Count me on, actually I gradually understand why there are negative reviews for this game in early stage, since it's a game about connection, when there were not too many players playing the game, the game is indeed empty and hard to play, but with more and more people getting into this world, the game is being built rich, now I can really feel like being connected with others by using facilities and help from other players, and being given likes from others helping them in asynchronous manner. Being never experienced something like that in games and the feeling is actually very positive and satisfying, which I think is something those reviewers may not get when playing the game.

Radek said:

Check this also, it's truly amazing!

one of my favorites =)

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