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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I did something awful and don't think I can gain redemption. (Trigger warning)

I forgive you.

Around the Network avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Well I do think buying CoD is bad money usage, but that is only because I don't like the type of game.
Plus you are buying one game after a long time not a yearly buyer (but if you loved the game and have the money well just buy it).

I forgive you.

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YOU FOOL!!! The prophecy warned us about all about what would happen if anyone bought a CoD copy!!

(looks out the window)

Now we have to clean up this mess again!

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I forgive you, but get rid of that game.

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I'm not buying it. No Activision game since COD:WOW in 2008. That's how you boycott. I DID accidentally buy Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition about 4 years ago, for $19.99, but that's because I'm AN IDIOT. My thoughts? Very disappointed. Just like last time. I do hope, in your show of support to the vivisecting organ harvesters, that your dreams aren't haunted by the screams of freshly harvested vivisection victims. But I can't control that.

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You must commit Sudoku.

Get out of my sight. 😡

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Your avy says so! O_O NAH, i'm just kidding with you. xD

I will get CoD Modern Warfare (2019) anytime soon when my friends decided to buy.

Better than boycotts are buy-cotts. The reality is, it is often hard to completely avoid dealing with some companies, especially very big ones. And, even if you can reasonably pull it off, you're also punishing yourself. But, it is totally reasonable to focus your money spending on companies that you do support. So, it's not that you can't buy any Activision games. It's that you should try to buy more games from publishers whose business practices you think are worthy of your support. That lets you play the occasional AAA blockbuster from Activision, but it gives real help, in the form of your gaming dollars, to other, better publishers