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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I quit The Witcher 3 after 33 hours

I kept pushing and pushing forward but I simply wasn't having any fun, it is the same thing over and over - a stupid cutscene, a new quest, follow the marker to it, another cutscene, then you fight some monster(s) and the quest is completed, rinse and repeat. I had more fun with a mediocrity like Arcania. Even the graphics are somewhat bad, played on Ultra at 1440p mind you - the game is too dark at all times and the flora is moving unrealistically like in a 6th gen game.

I bought into the hype about the quest variety but I don't see it at all, the quests are all the same, they just have different cutscenes.

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Odd, someone of my most favorite W3 quests involved zero fighting of monsters.

33 hours for something you don't like? I usually give it an hour, maybe less. I don't have that much time to dedicate myself to something I don't like.

Wi.....tcher 3? I tell ya, these abbreviated game names in OP's lately....I had a similar experience with JC3, at least in terms of the time I invested before deciding to bail.

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Thats why you should get the reforged version

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I see what you did there.


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Well I also played 30+ hours of the Witcher 3, because so many said it was a great game. I hated the game until save got corrupt and I decided I wouldn't start from scratch.

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Cant blame you, Ive always felt Warcraft 3 was overrated.

Jpcc86 said:
Cant blame you, Ive always felt Warcraft 3 was overrated.

Too hero based. Wc2 got it right. It should feel like a war game!

I liked Witcher 3, but that's mostly because I explore more than I do quests. Exploring on your own is always more fun than doing a quest where you are told where to go. BotW got that part of open world game design right. 70% of BotW is lookinh got Shrines, Koroks, or something else you can discover on your own.