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Forums - Sony Discussion - State of Play - 24 Sept

guess I missed most of it lol...

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Last of Us Part 2..... 21.2.20.

Death stranding special edition of PS4, looks creepy.... with the handprints like that... no thanks.

Horrible direct.


My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

Last of us is looking great, and February release date. Nice.

This was a shit show. Only redeeming feature was Joel is alive. Pot Ellie, mehhh.
PSPlus games I have TLOUR and MLB14 so no need for any.

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Just two thing for me, DS PS4 Pro, TLOU2, both must buy, period

I just skipped back through it, to see if there was anything new or big and exciteing nope.
Highlight was def. the last of us part 2 trailer.

NathanSSSS said:

Just two thing for me, DS PS4 Pro, TLOU2, both must buy, period

Those bloodly handprints... thats way to creepy imo.
But TLOU2 is a must buy.

That was awful. In no retrospect did that amalgamation of trailers deserve a State of Play video. I had low expectations but even those weren't met.

The Katamari creator game might be decent. That's about all I got out of it.


TLOU2 info was great. That's about what I expected. Like I said these SoP wont be great until the PS5 comes out or at least gets unveiled.

They are definitely going to release an enhanced last of us on ps5