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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Favourite Nintendo hardware revision (so far)

With the Switch Lite around the corner, I thought it'd be fun to look at the various hardware revisions of Nintendo systems over the years.

Which one is your current favourite, and why?

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Gameboy Advance SP. It was actually an improvement from the first model with a backlit screen and the ability to charge your system (instead of batteries). It was a big improvement. Most of the other revisions for their other systems are just a stripped down version of the original model.

The New 3DS model of course !

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GBA SP is the only correct answer.

DS Lite for me, the original design was a bit of a turn off for me, but the Lite is what got me truly addicted to that system.

mZuzek said:

GBA SP is the only correct answer.

tell that to people who liked using headphones

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GBA SP by a mile for me. The GBA was a shameful insult. That screen. Terrible. The SP was pretty frickin' great. DS Lite would be my next choice, but I loved the original too. DS Lite was a little better, by it was mostly minor tweaks.

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DS lite, no contest.

GBA SP was too small for my large fingers, otherwise it might have fit the bill. Also, no headphone jack?!? But the way it was, it was far easier to play on an old GBA than on an SP - though at that point I mostly just played GBA games on the Gamecube with the Game Boy Player anyway.

Tie between GBC and DS Lite

DS Lite.

Primarily because its sexy design and it still plays GBA games.

Has to be the DS Lite. It was so much sleeker, refined and tighter in design compared to the original DS; remember how big the latter was? And yet despite the smaller dimensions, the screens were not only brighter but the DS Lite has had much better battery life.