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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - DMC5, AoE DE, Kingdom Come, others coming to GamePass this month

The service is just too good.

Coming today:

Devil May Cry 5
Age of Empires Definitive Edition

Coming later:
Ape Out
Blair Witch
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Bard's Tale IV

Not very interested in Stellaris, but will check out every other title here. Amazing that this company who thinks SP gaming is dead, keeps stocking their service full of quality SP titles. Hope Blair Witch turns out good. Very excited about AoE, with the changes and improvements it should be a damn good time waster.

How "Japan-esy" is DMC5?

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I'll be playing DMC V, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Blair Witch.

ever since i got gamepass my ps4 has been turned on maybe once or twice. I love this service and dmc5 coming just reinforces that

Very nice offering. I already have DMC5, but I want to try Kingdom Come, Bard's Tale, and Blair Witch.

LudicrousSpeed said:

Amazing that this company who thinks SP gaming is dead, keeps stocking their service full of quality SP titles.

I think they said it wasn't profitable to produce large scale AAA SP titles compared to multiplayer/games as a service titles. They know there's a demand for them, although they may have underestimate how large that demand was, prior to 2017.

How "Japan-esy" is DMC5?

Very. But that doesn't really say much about the game since that can mean a lot of different things.
Capcom pretty much invented this genre, so that's mainly why it's Japanese-y.

You've never played a Devil May Cry before?

Given some comments I've seen from you about Japanese games, it may do you good to broaden your horizons a bit.
And DMC5 is a good one.

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Sony should take notes, and improve the fucking psplus or create something like this.


Great games, great service. Might get it for PC

Kingdom Come available now.

I tried DMC5, good god even the menu sounds are too “Japan” for me. I got past the opening mission, closed the game and uninstalled after the second or third cut scene in mission two. Had brutal, terrifying flashbacks to Scalebound E3 presentations with the style and incredibly cringe writing.

I almost deleted after your character tells Dante “I’m gonna bag this bitch!” in the first fight but was brave and open minded enough to give it another shot. My loyalty was not rewarded. The redneck mechanic girl was the nail in the coffin.

Well downloaded a ton of gamepass, finished shadow of the tomb raider and Batman Arkham asylum. First one was kind of the reason I wanted gamepass bit surprised that I enjoy the batman games only issue I have is that I downloaded 750GB worth of games ^^.

Nice one, they are really trying. Have good time boys.