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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition announced for the Nintendo Switch!

Ganoncrotch said:

That whole Nintendo Nindie Direct stream was incredible, some great looking games on the way for the system, these indies do a great job in filling in the gaps in between those major titles like Pokemon/Zelda/Animal Cross and such.

I agree, I was just watching the video and couldn't believe there ain't a thread about it, just for some of the games.

Let's give each of the games it's spotlight here instead, shall we?

Hotline Miami Collection:

Torchlight II:

The Touryst:

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened:

Skater XL:

Risk of Rain 2:





And last, but not least: Freedom Finger:

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Excellent move; the game is a great fit for the Switch.

I'm really liking this MS-Nintendo partnership of late, from porting games like this and Cuphead to bringing Banjo and Kazooie to Smash. Here's hoping it not only continues but develops even further.

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Fantastic post @Bofferbrauer2

Earth Night Giving me classic 2d sonic chills but with some amazing visuals and backdrops.

Eastbound's music sounds like it was straight from the glory days of the SNES but perfected with 2019 hardware

So many potential day one indie hits that I'll be losing days to, been a while since I've had a machine with a growing backlog of amazing titles like the Switch and I play that system a lot... really thinking I'm going to need to retire from playing Paladins since it's up at 910 hours now, maybe when I get to the 1k mark I'll see if I can take a step back from playing it on the daily.

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LudicrousSpeed said:

Wow do we Xboners get Smash in return or something

edit, this is a joke because of the nonsense in that Halo Switch thread 

Another examples Xbox gamers having less fun because Switch owners can play this game. Derp Derp DERP!

Switch support is good for extra revenue, doesn't necessarily need to be MS's major IPs either. People seem to like Sea of Thieves, that would be a good fit.

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Glad they brought this over. I always really wanted to play it. Looks like such a unique game.


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I played and completed it some years ago on PC. The soundtrack and visuals are absolutely splendid, but the enemy design is weak and it also has some difficulty spikes which lead to frustration. One of the best Metroidvanias of the past 10 years, though. Gameplay, ability system, puzzles and map are great. I really can recommend it and I will buy the Switch version again to play it on TV. Confirmed 1080p60 should mean it's a worthy port.