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Desroko said:

I agree - I haven't had so much fun with a game since I finished Galaxy.

My only complaint so far is that the Nunchuck dodging move seems to send me off in odd directions, but that's extremely minor considering I never use it anyway.


 A lot of people report flakey nunchuk control, but I seem to be able to get the right direction 80+% of the time. But I don't really use the dodge, either. :P

 Some people also have a tough time with the brush. And it's kinda clear that the brush wasn't made with IR in mind, since it's a lot easier to draw a perfectly straight line with a thumbstick. This is where Trauma Center experience pays off ;). A tip for people having trouble with straight lines: The trick is to draw it fast, so your hand doesn't have a chance to waver.

One final piece of advice for anybody having a tough time with attack combos: I'm pretty sure this is another case of actions being mapped to IR rather than the accelerometer, which is counter-intuitive. To pull off a good combo, keep your wiimote pointed so the camera can see the sensor bar, then swipe the wiimote to one side and then the other at a steady rhythm. If you are using beads, you can pretty much just waggle the wiimote like a spazz, as long as the sensor bar stays within sight of the wiimote.

 And the game is a blast. I had to tear myself away from it. It has better pacing than Twilight Princess, though I feel less attached to the characters. Also, Amaterasu is slightly cooler than Link, but Midna was way cooler than Issun.

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I've noticed if you try to draw short lines the game has a hard time recognizing them. Once I started making longer strokes it was a lot more accurate. I'd have lines that looked like the damn Nike symbol and it would still work.

Issun is like Navi on speed. That thing talks way too much.

Yeah I’m 10 hrs deep in the game and past the first boss. Great game only bad thing about it is battles are easy. This game is a clone of Zelda witch is not bad, but Zelda is a bit more challenging, and in TP they don’t give away everything this is the only bad thing about this game. Ps when you play they don’t let you figure out how to beat your opponents they tell you how, takes away from a deeper experience.

After a lot of play the first day, I think Okami might be one of the best titles ported to the Wii

The other good ports would be RE4, GHIII, Zelda TP (which was actually made for the Cube), Bully (not my cup of tea, but I have to give it props for being a great port), Godfather Blackhand Edition (which is really a GREAT port and sadly overlooked) and Lego Star Wars.

I'd also say RE:UC & MOH:H2 are a 'kind of' port' of older games in their series, but they are unique enough to be 'original' Wii titles instead of tagged as ports.

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You have to press B to access the brush and A to draw, unless you can change that in options

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Game starts off slow and gets better and better as you go. Clover were geniuses :(

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He means that, while holding B, you can also hold in Z and move the remote to produce a perfectly straight stroke.

Desroko said:
He means that, while holding B, you can also hold in Z and move the remote to produce a perfectly straight stroke.

 I actually believe a lot of reviewers didn't know this option was there, works flawless for me.

Gnizmo said:
radioioRobert said:
I've been playing off and on since 11 as well. Phenominal.

Has anyone noticed the similarities in the cell shading graphic style to Viewtiful Joe (also a Capcom game)? VJ is nowhere nearly as pretty or artisic, it's actually kind of ugly even though the game is phenominal (though not on the same level as Okami). But there's something about the way the drawn edges look at the borders that remind me of VJ in an abstract way. Also the was 3d objects are flat. Even the way slow motion comes into play in some of the battle scenes.

Back on topic, Okami is so far above and beyond the hype. If you have any doubts about this as a must purchase, drop 'em and just get the game. The Wii needed an epic game at this level, even though it is a PS2 port. If all PS2 ports were this good, I would have much less of an issue with ports. This one's as strong as the RE4 GC/PS2 port.

Viewtiful Joe was made by Clover actually. The similarities are to be expected all things considered.

So I am on the fence about this game, and perhaps you people can sway me. As of now I am leaning towards not getting it because the brush stroke feature sounds annoying to me. What exactly do you need to use it for, and is it possible to combat enemies effectively without it.

I had the same thoughts, but I actually like to fight while using the brush now, trow a bomb there cut the bastard, really rewarding. If you don't like it though you can also fight the same way you did in TP, which means waggle (and im perfectly fine with that aswell)

Just get it, you will do yourself a great service.