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Forums - Politics Discussion - Was Epstein murdered and should we care?

thismeintiel said:
Chalk up another murder for the Clintons, I guess.

Kate Spade, June 2018, Clinton Foundation, suicide. (Pretty sure they said she was having mental issues)

Anthony Bourdain, June 2018, bashed Clinton's and Harvey Weinstein, suicide. (Pretty sure they said he was having mental issues)

Jeffrey Epstein, secret Clinton vacation trips, suicide. (Will we find out he also had mental issues?)

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kirby007 said:
Bandorr said:

Nope.  I'm been trying for 10 minutes, not possible. You will have to look into it yourself.

That is like asking someone to summarize all of Wheel of time for you. There is a TON there.

Epstein was a cog in a pedo network.

Involved some big names, had a deal with a procecution in the past which was a joke. Now due to the renewed climate he was going to snitch, he question is who killed him trump, the clintons or the denver broncos

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1. Did Epstein attempt suicide at the end of July or was that an attack as the Washington Post journo suggested?

2. Was he on suicide watch or had he been taken off? the stretcher picture doesn't show him in one of those suicide outfits but it could have been cut off.

I think the most likely possibilities are that he killed himself or 'the deep state' killed him not because he was about to release details of certain people but because they want to keep up the pretense that they're all powerful.

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I actually find it very easy to belive that a weak minded individual would rather be dead than spending time in prison as a high profile pedophile.

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Clinton body bag count up to 48 people.

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It's pretty shady stuff. And his connections go from Drumpf to Clinton to rich billionaires. There was definitely a murder or an attempt to convince him of suicide. This is a cover up and we should care because this happens all too often when people like Clinton are involved

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

The cameras malfunction and he was under restrictions that made suicide nearly impossible. Seems like murder is more likely than suicide.

People are calling this a conspiracy, but out of entertainment I actually did some research. The typical conspiracy theorist crowd believe he is alive and swapped with a fall guy or just given protection from his elite friends. I believe the murder theory has enough logical reasoning to where it is much less of a conspiracy theory and more of a likelyhood. He was under special protection so he would not commit suicide. He could be given deals to name names and a whole lot of ways he might break to reveal other people's involvement. The reality is we likely will never know the truth now that the FBI/deepstate is involved. What we do know is he did something wrong and others did as well and justice will not be served. This was totally predictable and exactly why his ability to commit suicide was prevented. Just more motivation for me to revolt against the modern world.

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Xxain said:
Bill clinton flown to this apparent sex ring location 26 times!!!

where are you getting that information from?

CGI-Quality said:

Not giving any opinion on this, but for those who are mentioning Clinton, try to provide sources to support the arguments. It would really help others understand why this is being brought up. Should that fail to happen, I'd prefer it if said subject was dropped to avoid spamming the thread with unsubstantiated claims.

Just clinton eh?

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