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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What was your most played game for each generation?

Hard to remember or tell maybe. Not like nowadays where it records your time.

Pre-consoles - Moonquake for the Acorn, Premier Mananger for it as well.
SNES - Mario Kart or Killer Instinct maybe.
PS - FF7 or 8.
PS2 - KH2 probably, but around here I played Championship Manager 01-02 loads, even into 04-05 as I got updates to the database and did custom ones (was at uni so had no money to buy games).
PS3 - Black Ops or Tekken 6
PS4 - This one's recorded, it's Overwatch, then Dragon Age Inquisition (both over 500 hours).

Hmm, pie.

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NES: Metroid (might be Super Mario Bros, but the hours I spent going the wrong direction in Metroid probably gives it the lead)

Super NES: Super Metroid (could also be Street Fighter 2 as that was the main 2 player game we used to play, but the number of hours I spent speedrunning Super Metroid should make this yet another victory for Samus)

N64: Ocarina of Time (This one is easy as I never owned an N64 and definitely put way more hours into it than the runner up, Mario 64)

PS1: This one is very tough to tell. I might have to go with FFVII because of its sheer scope, but Tekken 3 definitely got some love as well.

DC: Revolt, hands down. I enjoyed quite a bit of NFL2K and Soul Caliber, but Revolt was easily the most consistent and most played game from that console

PS2: ATV Offroad Fury (probably the first one, but it could have been the sequel as well. I'd never played a game where you could catch so much air. It really rewarded you for learning the tracks and the controls and definitely was my two player go to title that gen. Smuggler's Run would most likely get the runner up spot)

GC: Metroid Prime (The title that brought me back into the Nintendo fold. Bought the system just to play this one game and was pleasantly surprised with the rest of the offerings including Pikmin, Smash Bros Melee, and Resident Evil 4, but my runner-up would have to be Animal Crossing)

Wii: Wii Sports (Runner up is most likely Excite Truck or Animal Crossing City Folk, but the fact of the matter is that the Wii was a great party system and one that any guest would think was magic. The Wii was probably the only era of gaming where being a gamer and having a particular system made you cooler to the average person visiting your house. Although, to be fair, the original NES may have had that same feel. It's tough to guage since I was 9 when it came out)

WiiU: Mario Kart 8 (The WiiU was a great system, poor sales aside. Some of my favorite experiences would be Lego City Undercover, many of the Eshop games like Unepic or Guacamelee and the epic experience that is Xenoblade Chronicles X, but Mario Kart single handedly saved that console from ever collecting dust. From the super fun multiplayer to the engaging and addictive single player, DLC, 200 CC, and the thrill of realizing how to drift, it's no wonder that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best selling game on the Switch as well)

Switch: Rocket League (There is absolutely no contest for this one. The next runner up would be Zelda Breath of the Wild with easily over 300 hours. But that doesn't compare with the insane amount of time I've sunk into car soccer. Easily the best bang for my buck for any game purchased in any generation at just $20. I haven't even bought any add ons and I'm probably not going to.)

Something that I've definitely noticed about my gaming habits is that while I absolutely prefer single player titles that immerse you in a world and have you collecting new abilities and items, the wacky racers and car games always seem to get the most play. Games like Twisted Metal, Rogue Trip, Smuggler's Run, Excite Truck. And, of course,. the winning titles from many of these generations. I'm not really into sports games or realistic racers (I did enjoy many, many hours on Gran Turismo 3), but these zany, unrealistic titles seem to be arguably my favorite genre. It really took all my hours being obsessed with Rocket League for me to look myself in the mirror and come to grips with it. Now the only question is what will dethrone Rocket League. The future looks bleak for all other titles at this point.

Gen 3 NES- Super Mario Bros
Gen 4 SNES- Super Mario World
Gen 5 PS1- I don't know really. Either Spyro, C&C Red Alert Retaliation or Digimon World
Gen 6 PC- World of Warcraft
Gen 7 PC- World of Warcraft
Gen 8 PC- League of Legends

Most played - Pokémon Emerald
Favourite - Pokémon Emerald

Most played - Mario & Sonic on the Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010 (I think?? No playtime data on DS)
Favourite - Mario & Sonic on the Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010

3DS/Wii U:
Most played - Mario Kart 7
Favourite - The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Most played - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Favourite - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I like to play the games I like.

NES: Megaman 2, Super Mario Bros 3.

SNES: Megaman X, Super Metroid

N64: Goldeneye.

PS: Megaman X4

PS2: Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence

PS3: Resident Evil 5

Wii: Metroid Prime Trilogy

PS4: Megaman X... again :P

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1st-2nd Generation
Not applicable. Barely played any games from these 2 gens.
3rd Generation
EarthBound Beginnings (Mother) - About 30 hours from my only playthrough that I completed in 2015. Will probably replay it one day.
4th Generation
EarthBound (Mother 2) - Over 30 hours. That's just one playthrough. One I eventually replay the game, more time will be poured into the total amount I've played it.

5th Generation

Probably Paper Mario. Spent about 20 hours on it.
6th Generation
Pretty confident it's Super Smash Bros. Melee. I don't remember what my current file says for power/play time. But between that file, my old file, and my cousin's files, we're looking at 60+ hours easy. More than likely 100+.
7th Generation
Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Over 220 hours.
8th Generation
Animal Crossing: New Leaf - A little over 600 hours, and my most-played game of all-time.
9th Generation - I know this gen is in contention, and most don't think it will start until the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett come out. But I say the Switch kicked off this gen since it was a successor to both a home console and handheld Nintendo released at the beginning of Gen 8.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Over 120 hours

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5th Gen: Spyro the Dragon

6th Gen: Final Fantasy XII

7th Gen: Skyrim

8th Gen: God of War

For this gen, currently at 570 hours for EDF 5. Kept playing well after getting the plat, and still going after slowing down a lot in the last month.
EDF 4.1 is easily #2 at approx 530 hours. Exact figure is a bit of a guess since I haven't been on in about 18 months, but it's a solid estimate.

Continuing...EDF ..cough cough. EDF 2025 on PS3 was over 500 as well. Probably the last gen champ.

Prior gen was Project Gotham Racing 2 on the Xbox. My most played game ever. Broke the game play clock. At 999 hours, it stopped tabulating. Probably around the 1200-1400 hour mark.

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NES: Mario Bros 3
SNES: Chrono Trigger easily
N64: Ogre Battle 64/Ocarina of time
GAME CUBE: Nothing, this console sucks. Dont @ me.
Wii: Mario Galaxy
WiiU: Mario Kart 8, Twilight Princess Remaster, Xenoblade ChroniclesX, wouldn't know which one of the 3.
3ds: Monster Hunter 4U
PsOne: Between Final Fantasy XII/Suikoden II
Ps2: FF12/Suikoden V
Ps3: Skyrim
PS4 - Between Horizon/Monster Hunter World

5th gen: Final Fantasy 8
6th gen: either TimeSplitters 2 or Star Wars Battlefront 2, played both of them a tonne
7th gen: Football Manager 2013
8th gen: Europa Universalis 4