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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is Marvel Ultimate Aliance 3 the most "Un-Nintendo" thing Nintendo has produced yet?

Honestly did not realise it was Nintendo exclusive, just thought it was another UA game (you know as Marvel/Disney would be limiting profits by releasing on 1 console). Eitherway it's good it's getting made and welcome although do not feel it will match the style/memory of X-men Legends.

EDIT: Holy Crap, Elsa Bloodstone is in it? Here's hoping for Machine Man next.

Hmm, pie.

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I think Devil's Third fits that role better.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
It's a cartoony game with the graphical fidelity of a mobile title aimed predominantly at man-children who want to relive their childhood.

I would say that qualifies it as one of the most "Nintendo things" Nintendo has ever produced.

Some would say gaming in general is directed at "man children" if not kids, so not quite sure how that makes it a "Nintendo thing".  😏

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irstupid said:
Well I had a blast playing X-Men Legends on the Nintendo Gamecube, which this game seems to be a spiritual successor to those games.

I love XML and I hope you are right!

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem probably. I haven't played it, but it is published by Nintendo and rated M.

I was surprised when UA3 was announced as as Switch exclusive published by Nintendo.

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TheMisterManGuy said:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 certainly came as a surprise when Nintendo announced it last year. It's a sequel to an action RPG series that hasn't had a new entry in years, not from the original developer, and published by Nintendo as a first party Switch exclusive. Nintendo often produces and publishes niche, strange, and left-field projects to help bolster their console's library, creating variety on the system. But Ultimate Alliance 3 I think is the most un-Nintendo thing they've done in years. Firstly, it's a Marvel game, a brand that's predomedently western. Nintendo's produced niche Japanese games before, but this feels like an attempt at catering directly to western gamers. It's also a licensed game. While Nintendo's done licensed works before, with the Popeye arcade game, and the Hamtaro Game Boy titles, they mainly stick to their own homegrown creations. So Ultimate Alliance 3 does come as a surprise in that regard.

When Nintendo picks up games like this, it's mainly to appeal to hardcore Nintendo fans who want something a bit different. Think Xenoblade, Astral Chain, Bayonetta, etc. But Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is one of those games that feels like Nintendo trying to appeal to non-Nintendo fans. It's use of a popular Western brand, and it being a sequel to a cult western RPG series, appears as though Nintendo is trying to use this game to cater explicitly towards western gamers than its diehard fans. Personally, I'm not complaining. Nintendo's been lacking in this area for a while now, so if the success of this leads to stuff like another Eternal Darkness or a new Western oriented IP, then I'm down.

Its not first party, but a licensed third party. Super Mario is first party, and so is Pokemon and Metroid. Nintendo doesn't own the IP. I do agree that its a great addition to the Switch Library. 

Pretty sure this thing, holds that title.

animegaming said:

Pretty sure this thing, holds that title.

Devil's Third for Switch would be my dream!

Wouldn't that belong to 1080 Snowboarding? I didn't even know that was a Nintendo game until around 2010.

Edit: or Devil's Third, I guess.

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