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Forums - Sony Discussion - Rumor: Sony lining up a bid to acquire Remedy.

I think this could be a good pickup by Sony if it happens. Remedy could use better management so they don't take so long to release a game.

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Hiku said:
LordLichtenstein said:
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I was thinking this, since Konami will never do anything with that IP again I bet outside of Pachinko.
But I doubt that would happen either way. And since Sony kind of took in Kojima, it might make Konami reluctant to negotiate with Sony to begin with.

As for Remedy, it's not a studio I'm interested in, but I know there are a lot of Alan Wake fans who want a sequel.

Sony would just need to make a deal that Konami thinks they are the winners of. Something like Sony buys the IPs to make actual games again, giving Konami 1% of the revenue made off of the games, while Konami has all the rights to make their Pachinko machines based on the IPs, and get to keep all of the profit from said machines. Sony would still win by drawing interest and hype to their consoles/services.

Do it. And publish a spiritual successor to Max Payne while you're at it.

jason1637 said:

"Would be a nice buy for Sony but Remedy is known for being really slow devs.

Sony will do an exclusitivity deal, not buy them imho

dx11332sega said:
Sony should definately acquire them they need a 3rd person shooter type of studio. And alan wake sequel would help Sony in the long run I think?

Alan Wake? Doesnt have enough clout for Sony to care.

Sony will just work with them on a marvel title. 

Well not a good buy on my opinion. I would probably play Allan Wake, or sequel. But buying it doesn't seem worthy;

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JRPGfan said:
gergroy said:
They would be a good fit with Sony or Microsoft as a first party developer. They make some amazing games, especially Alan wake.

Microsoft released the Alan Wake IP to them resently.

Imagine if Sony buys Remedy and then makes Alan Wake II, a console exclusive.

Doesn’t really bother me, I generally get all the consoles.  I’d just be happy to see it made!

I've never played any of their games, but I'd rather they bought a Japanese studio or expand an existing studio and bring back some old IPs like Jak, Wild arms, Arc the Lad or Legend of Dragoon.

Can't they just try to expand some of their already existing studios instead ? I mean Monolith Soft is doing incredibly well with this tactic so far.

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Mar1217 said:

Can't they just try to expand some of their already existing studios instead ? I mean Monolith Soft is doing incredibly well with this tactic so far.

Which is what they have been doing this entire gen. And will continue to do.

Makes more sense then buying a bunch of studios, but I do think smaller outfits like Housemarque are solid buys

RolStoppable said:
Meh... hard to care about this when Remedy hasn't made an actually good game in a long time.

Exactly this.