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LuccaCardoso1 said:

I've been following this story quite closely, so now I'm going to say what I've been seeing:

Some people dug in and found out that Razer Brazil's PR department is 100% comprised of men. Razer's statement has been receiving a shocking amount of backlash, with some of the most relevant gaming personalities in the country saying they will boycott the brand going forward. A lot of people have also been pointing out the hypocrisy by Razer's part, since they always act feminist in public events but fire a woman for responding to harassment, when men have said other equally questionable things in the past and came out unscathed.

And as always, there's the "#NotAllMen" crowd too. But those seem to not be as loud this time.

What do you think? Did Razer do the right thing?

1. The Brazillian PR department being all men is not necessarily a big deal. Its certainly not the entire company and clearly they are open to working with women.

2. Responding to harassment is not the problem. A direct comparison would be a black person acting like an asshole so you mock the entire race. She should be smarter than that, but many people believe attacking men is acceptable.

3. If men have done similar things then maybe they should be dealt with retroactively. Especially if they were attacking entire groups. Unless we are just mad the potentially first example made was a woman?

4. Acting feminist doesent mean you have to treat women as infallible.

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The critics will call these alt-right groups misogynists or bigots or whatever insults.
Alt-right groups will continue to exist no matter what the critics say or do!
Alt-right groups have existed for a very long time and they will continue into the future.
Alt-right groups have a platform built on one or two issues that they believe in.
There will always be extreme right and extreme left political groups.

She doesn't even show ass or tits what kind of shitty brazilian streamer is that

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White knights, manginas and Male Beta Orbiters will defend everything a random female says in a hope to hook up with her. Those actions rarely work and they end up bitter, angry, losers. This bitterness leads to resentfulness and misogyny. Alt-right groups are fully of angry, bitter, resentful, misogynists. The alt-right groups are growing and they are big fans of right wing politicians like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

Bad move. Instead they should've forced her to make a public apology. Just dropping her only makes them an easy target. Of course it's highly ironic that the reaction of Razer is getting backlash but irony is dead in 2019 anyway.

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She's gorgeous. I hope she can get a job pumping gas or something. Being a can paint yourself into a corner.

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LuccaCardoso1 said:

What do you think? Did Razer do the right thing?

Yes, its their company they can do whatever the hell they want.
If the image they want isnt represented by this woman, then its the right thing to do aswell.

Also if your a woman so easily triggered, and representing a compony, dont post pictures+videos of yourself rideing mechanical bulls.
She shouldnt have replied to that guy, if she couldnt do it without being a bigger dick, than the person that wrote that comment to her.

Also I bet if you look at who their market base is (ei. how many people buy their products by geneder), you ll find its like 95% male.

"you can ride me as much as you want".

^ thats actually super positive. This (singular) Man approves of her looks, in her sexy video she posted (for attention).
Its to be expected if your a hot woman, and do sexy videos, you ll end up getting this type of attention.

"There's always an asshole to talk shit and sexualize women, even when the woman is making a joke, right? That's why (all) men are trash."

^ this is genderisation of all men.
And if she didnt want attention, why is she posting videos of mechanical bull rideing? Plus its not even that offensive a comment.
Hers is much more offensive imo.

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At least it's consistent, if you aren't allowed to badmouth groups, men are a group as well. So are white people, btw.
Either we can trash talk about everyone or we can do it to no-one. Personally, I'd like to stop the offense culture and let everyone say what they want to say. It should be up to the followers to decide if they want to keep following, rather than a platform acting as morality police and reacting to mindless mob outrage or whatnot.

So, people find out that Razr's PR department is full of men and that is used to prove how Razr is the bad one?

Kinda funny how people use a typical generalization to complain about a company which acts against generalizations.

I feel like I am one of the few men left who isn't bothered by women calling men trash. While the opposite is a problem, calling men trash is not, because men don't need protection like women do.

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