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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony's guerilla games lead producer dies

Illness, sudden death (heart attack) or accident are the most likely causes.

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RIP. I lost my uncle to a heart attack around this age and he was a fairly healthy person. Hopefully this doesn't impact the studio's work too much, in terms of overall focus and quality. Sometimes events like these can actually push people to new heights, especially if the project is done in memory of.

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My math puts him at 44 years old, not 46. Either that or the birth date shown is incorrect.

In any case, that's terrible news.

I just hope he didn't die from overworking.

Rest in peace...your legacy will live on, I just wish it did not have to end so soon. I will keep your family in my prayers. 🙏

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Sincerely, I wish him peace in whatever place he's now.

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CuCabeludo said:

Illness, sudden death (heart attack) or accident are the most likely causes.

Yeah, just stick with the leading causes of death and you'll be right in most cases...

When I saw "Guerilla Games" my brain just thought Killzone and that series kinda sucks. But then I was reminded about Horizon and it somehow became a little more sad.

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Went still young...
Rest in peace.

Aw man, 46 years old?
... No, that is way too young to pass away. Devastating news.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.
May he Rest in Peace.

Damn 46 is so young. RIP hope the family lands on their feet