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Congrats to Switch. I thought Xbox would turn it up but nope!

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thismeintiel said:
NS - 200K
PS4 - 140K
XBO - 95K

Hot damn. Pretty close.

zorg1000 said:
Results are in


Excellent results, everything slightly better than I predicted.

Year over year comparisons:

Switch +29%
PS4 -38%
XB1 -40%

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Thread update

This month

Switch ~ 216K
Playstation 4 ~ 137K
Xbox one ~ 86K


Switch ~ 1.48 million
Playstation 4 ~ 1.02 million
Xbox one ~ 0.74 million


Switch ~ 11.97 million
Playstation 4 ~ 29.40 million
Xbox one ~ 25.22 million

Ryng_Tolu said:

NPD results:

Switch ~ 216K

Playstation 4 ~ 137K
Xbox one ~ 86K

JRPGfan said:
NS - 195K
PS4 - 135K
XBO - 95K

Something like that?

21k off on the Switch
2k off on the PS4
9k off on the XB1

Not bad at all :)  (only 32k off overall)

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Yikes thoese PS4 and XBO numbers are worse than expected. June should be a better month.

AlbiNecroxz said:

Switch: 200K - 210K
PS4: 160K - 170K
XB1: 90K - 100K

Switch and XB1 pretty close, PS4 completely off, my bad :/

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Farsala said:
[NSW] 217K
[PS4] 135K
[XB1] 102K

1k off NSW

2k off PS4

16k off XB1

19k off overall.

Everything as expected except the XB1 disappointing a little bit more. So while the results are really poor, it isn't outside the bounds of what is to be expected :/.

Nice! Switch is looking real good.

PS4 and Xbox not terrible but they certainly look like a price cut is required.

Yikes, the sad did nothing for the Xbox One. With the exception of Holiday's, sub 100K might be the standard going forward for the Xbox One for now on.