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colafitte said:
About Time!. Well deserved sales. It probably will end beyond 15m in the future.

This reminds of that thread where we were saying Sony Worldide Studios Games were reaching Nintendo level of success this gen. Look at this, Uncharted 4, TLOU, GOW, Horizon, Spiderman are now confirmed games that have sold 10M+. TLOU and U4 are even in or close to 20M territory, like possibly Spiderman will be in the near future. And i'm pretty sure GT Sport and Days Gone will be 10M sellers in time too.

Fascinanting growth for Sony games this gen, critically and commercially. PS brand was never associated to 1st party games until PS4. If Sony games can now be the main sellers of 100M consoles like Playstation, Sony is going to be just fine in the future....

With the info i gathered tlou combined sales are already 20m. Last year 17m for Last of us and still selling. TLOU 2 will be montrous! 

What's amazing is Uncharted 4 sales. A 16m franchise and it won't stop selling. 

We now have a total of 5 10m sellers for Sony. 

Hopefully next will be Days Gone by 2 years.

I will be updating the thread I created soon. 

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How much first party sales have improved this generation for Sony is absurd. Would never have predicted they'd have multiple 10m+ sellers from different franchises and new IP's.

The troll in me wants to ask if they're conflating sales of the original PS2 game along with the reboot. But, that's just a joke.

God of war is the best game this console generation, I've played through it 3 times already and planning to do another run on new game+ at a later date.

10+ million sales is very nice :)

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Evilms said:

We can see :

Uncharted 4 A thief's End : 15~16 million

The Last Of US Remastered : 12 million

God Of War : 11 million

Very interesting and deserved.

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Evilms said:

We can see :

Uncharted 4 A thief's End : 15~16 million

The Last Of US Remastered : 12 million

God Of War : 11 million

Uncharted 4 looks over 16m in that graph! wow.
Also God of War putting in work :) 1 year and 11m+ sales? not bad.

unrelated but we also got numbers for MHW, its currently over 12.4m
Theres lots of franchises which are doing really well this gen.

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John2290 said:
Marth said:

Am I seeing that right, The last of us sold 20 million?

Probably not quite yet, but its only a matter of time until it does, since its not to far from it.

Single player is dead? GOW along with the rest of SIE IP's stomping that theory into the ground! Might be the best game this generation, IMO. 

15+ Million is inevitable. The question is if it can leg its way to 20 Million.

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God of War sold ~11m in a year without the mass-bundling of UC4 & Spiderman (to a lesser degree), now that's impressive.

Amazing sales from Uncharted 4, The Last of Us and especially God of War, there are so many IP's that became huge in this generation!