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It didn't have motion controls on Gamecube either and it was still a really good game.


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Darashiva said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

So why are you even here if you don't care?

Just curious about what other people are saying about the lack of motion controls. For me they've never been any kind of selling point, but I'm interested in seeing what others think. The reason I'm not gonna get the game on the Switch is because I already have it on other platforms.


It would ruin the core of the game, there is a reason it feels the way it does, it is a substitute for tank control claustrophobia ans having forst plaued it this year on ps4 I say it does it amazingly well.


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I wanted it but the price point was way too high for a port. The lack of motion controls will have me hold off for a long while I think

KungKras said:
It didn't have motion controls on Gamecube either and it was still a really good game.

Well it did on Wii and became an even better game to the point Capcom tried to patch in MC into RE5.

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On one hand all of the RE games are great. One owned them all before and aside from RE7, I've purchased them all at least twice. Once at launch and again during some rerelease. Capcom had my money again but price issues and now the lack of motion controls has killed my enthusiasm.

I went from wanting all three to just wanting RE4 to finally not wanting any of them.

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Hang on how does Capcom not adding Motion controls make them lazy or a bad developer? I understand they haven't been the best developer on Switch but how does this specific game make them lazy?

I own the Gamecube and Wii versions of the game and feel like those are enough so I didn't plan on getting this anyway, but if I did the lack of motion controls would've turned it into a no-deal for me. I have just gotten so used to the added precision that motion controls offer that I have a hard time enjoying shooters that don't have that option.

Can someone please confirm to me if this version runs natively in HD?

Is the PS4 version in HD?

Darwinianevolution said:
Like fucking clockwork. Is there a single Capcom title on the Switch that has no problem or controversy around it

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

A solid port with the entire game on the card for the physical release.  It was also priced at $30 for being a last gen port, which seems very fair to me.

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