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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Resident Evil 4 doesn't have motion controls on Switch

I'm amazed Capcom is having success on the Switch. Everything they touch turns to turds on the platform. It's either overpriced as hell, even if it is digital, has mind boggling control choices or is a shameless cash grab that takes advantage of Switch owners. Do these bums intend to do anything of effort on the Switch?

I know this probably sounds like an over reaction but it's just built up to this point

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I think they added them to RER2 (they have them now can't remember if they had them at launch) so all hope is not lost

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omg controversy!

Such a non issue for me since I mostly play in handheld and gyro controls wouldn't really fit tha

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loll couldn't care less for motion controls for this game so I'm definitely fine with this. Still want to pick this up but at a lower price

Having bought the GC and Wii versions of this game (among others). I can safely say that the motion controls in RE4 are vastly superior to the analog controls. They might even make the game too easy. The best way to see the difference is in the shooting gallery sections which become so simple with motion controls

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Reminder that Crapcom has only made ONE new game for Switch, Mega Man 11. They're living up to their name at least. I know they lost at least one customer. My old man only plays like three games, and Resident Evil 4 is one of them, but he can only play with motion controls (yes, I'm serious). He was ready to get a Switch to upgrade. Now he won't, I guess

This is a disappointment for me. I first played re4 on the wii and loved it. I think this game will sell well regardless because we know capcom might abandon the switch if any of their games flo

please tell me it will at least fit on the cart lo



Darashiva said:
I honestly wouldn't use them even if they were in there, so to me this is a non-issue, not that I'm actually going to get the game on Switch anyway

So why are you even here if you don't care?

How has Capcom become such an abject failure on Switch?

None of the problems they are creating for themselves are difficult to surmount and yet they keep having them.

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