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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Resident Evil 4 doesn't have motion controls on Switch

Well, looks like a another lazy port made by Capcom for Switch..


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Capcom seem to be going out their way to seem inept with their output the DMC situation sums it up

I wouldn't use them anyway. If that's the only thing wrong with it I'll probably play it on Switch at some point

Man. RE4 was my first game for the Wii and it was a greatgshowcase for motion controls. It instantly became my favorite version.

I guess I'll be skipping this one for a while. Probably a good thing since I need to finish a few great games in my backlog.

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I'll keep my superior Wii version

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Like fucking clockwork. Is there a single Capcom title on the Switch that has no problem or controversy around it

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Getting it anyways but going to try to convince Capcom to implement gyro aiming ASAP

Capcom once again shows they have no idea what the Nintendo audience wants

Wow kinda shitty they better add them in ASA

I honestly wouldn't use them even if they were in there, so to me this is a non-issue, not that I'm actually going to get the game on Switch anyway