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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Maker 2: Are you a Maker?

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How will you spend most of your time with Super Mario Maker 2

Making Levels 8 17.78%
Playing Story Mode 6 13.33%
Playing Other People's Levels 13 28.89%
Multiplayer Mayhem 6 13.33%
Equally Amongst the Modes 7 15.56%
Own a Switch but Not Getting It 4 8.89%
Don't Own a Switch 1 2.22%

So in the runup to the release of Super Mario Maker 2 I've noticed a startling trend amongst the Youtubers I generally watch.  It seems that almost every one describes Super Mario Maker 2 with the same caveat: they appreciate the game but aren't fans because they don't like creating levels.  That's a bit ironic, I must say, considering they are Youtube Creators, but maybe I'm just looking at too small of a sample to draw any conclusions there.

My question for all of you, then, is are you Makers?  When this game hits how will you spend most of your time?  In story mode? Playing other people's levels?  Designing your own? Or will you split that time evenly?

Personally, I love to create levels, or at least contraptions. The tools are very fun and it's just insane seeing what you can do.  I'm also always eager to make Metroidvania style levels and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the new tool sets make that even more possible this go around.  I'm not sure how many I'll actually finish making, but I always enjoy the process at least.

How about you guys?

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I found out the last time i don't really have the skill to make levels so i am probably going to mostly play levels other people have made

I'm unlikely to make a lot of levels myself, so it'd be story mode, playing good levels, and more importantly, multiplayer mayhem.

I made about 10-15 levels on the original, but only a few were approaching half decent. That said, I'm definitely looking forward to trying again when this game comes out. I imagine I'll sink a lot of time into the Nintendo created levels early on as well.

I am not quite sure about getting it.

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I'll probably spend more time playing other people's levels than creating myself, but I will definitely try out everything the game has to offer.

Very good idea this pool, I am not a user of this game, but I am interested to see the %s here.

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I sure tf am! I'm glad you made this thread because I was going to if noone else did.

Got mine preordered yesterday.

I'll post as soon as I finish a level. It sucks because I was late to the party for the first game and made some pretty good levels
This time, there's nothing stopping me. Cant wait to share and play other levels.

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No time to make levels so play if i even manage to put the game cart into the system lol.



The story mode convinced me because I don't really feel like playing level by randos off the internet, honestly.

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