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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games you put down after a significant time investment. Have you ever successfuly returned?

Kingdom Hearts, FFX-2, LaPucelle are 3 games that I've put a lot of time into and put down.  Made it back to all 3, still have to finish the middle game.  

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John2290 said:
d21lewis said:
Goddam reset button right beside the post button!!

I'll just say God of War and Horizon. I'm gonna have to start all the way over.

You should, those two games deserve to be platinum'd and appreciated to their fullest. 

I will. And it wasn't just those two. Tons of games from Infinite Undoscovery, GTAV and Red Dead 2 to Vanquish and NSMBU (Wii U version). Something comes up and before I know it, a year has passed. In fact, I bought Xenoblade for Wii, didn't beat it and bought it again for the 3DS...only to not beat it! I suck sometimes.

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Legend of Zelda:  A Link to the Past (started 1991, finished 2018)

Suikoden (started 1997, finished 2009)

Luigi's Mansion (started 2002, finished 2017)

Fire Emblem:  Awakening (started 2012, finished 2019)

All games that I put significant time into, but for one reason or another had multi-year gaps in playtime before I returned and completed.  It gives me hope of finishing other games that are in my deep, deep back-log.

God of War 1, got so tired of the QTE-crap that i rage-quit about 75% through and never returned
Final Fantasy 6 and Octopath Traveler, played them for about 30 hours, then stopped and i am not sure if i will ever return

I have several games that I put down with plans to come back and finish them later that I never did, due to the steady stream of new releases that interest me keeping me busy. I'm not sure if I ever actually went back and finished any of them so far.

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I came back to Windwaker after setting it down a couple years earlier and finished it.

Endless Space. Have 50+ hours and a huge empire. Tried getting back into it a few months ago and was totally lost. So many menus, spreadsheets, etc, forgotten where everything is and would have to relearn the whole thing all over again. Also have games I haven't played for the same reasons, mostly rts, sim, strategy type games

Ocarina of Time. Go stuck [on Wii, bad arrow aiming] at the beating drum boss after 100s of tries. 18 months later I DL'ed on WiiU [for $2.00] and started over and finished it.

Yep. Several, actually. In the past few years alone, I have put down the following games, only to pick them back up and finish several months later:

-Fallout 4. Got bored after three hours, put it down for about eight months. Once I picked it back up, it clicked and I put several hundred more hours into it!
-GTA V: It felt like a slog, at first, so I put it down. After about a year or so, I picked it back up and stuck with it. I hated seeing it end!
-Dark Souls III. Having devoured Bloodborne, I had a tough time readjusting to the Dark Souls mechanics, so I moved onto a few other games. One of the games I went to was Dark Souls 1 (again). After a few months, I went back to DS3 and beat it twice, back to back.

Sometimes I get stuck on a boss. A ridiculously hard boss. I'm not that much of a fan of super difficult portions of games that require absolute perfection, almost like 3 starring Mario Kart 8 at 200cc level of difficulty just to progress in a game. I'm looking at you Hollow Knight. I love your gameplay, but you're making me become an expert at dodge and parry and I just want to run and slash and get new abilities, yo. So I put it down months ago, and every time I look at the game I'm reminded that A, I have to beat that boss, or B, I have to figure out where I was and with a map that big that's going to be a grind.

Instead I can just boot up my Rocket League and keep trying to make Gold rank. It's mindless and reflex based and doesn't require too much of me.

Now, if I had more hours in the day to game, I'm sure these things wouldn't be a problem. But with barely an hour or two of gaming per day after I work and get all my extracurricular stuff out of the way, that's really what I'm left with at the moment.

And this isn't just Hollow Knight of course. This has always been a thing. Sometimes it's just because a new game comes along that I must play. Final Fantasy XII on the PS2 still calls at me sometimes to finish my file, but once the Wii had come out I never turned on my PS2 again.

There's just way too many games, way too little time, and yet each of us every day is still begging for the next new thing. We are insatiable and no wonder why: we never finish what's on our plate.