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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games you put down after a significant time investment. Have you ever successfuly returned?

My first souls game(dark souls) i did really dislike at first and i stopped playing it because of frustration then when i came back to it after 6 months it suddenly clicked and i understood what it was about and how to play it,addicted to soulborne games since that happened.

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There's so many games I've stopped midway to never return:

Skyrim: About 20 hours in, I realized the combat was never going to get better and lost interest completely.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Bought it at launch but then a few weeks later Breath of the Wild came out and I told myself I was just going to try it out a bit before returning to HZD... I got completely hooked by BotW and left poor Alloy hanging.

Spiderman: Loved it, played a good 25 - 30 hours doing every side mission I could then the fucking drone missions killed my enthusiasm for the game. I think I'll eventually complete the story though.

God of War: I've done the main story and most side quests, I only have the Queen Valkyrie left to kill but she's a bitch.

Kingdom Hearts III: I'm at the Monster's Inc planet now and I'm bored with it. the combat is tedious, the story is bad, I don't think I'll comeback.

Mario + Rabbids: Put in about 15 hours into I think but it got overshadowed by other games.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: I'm at the very start (5-10 hours in) but didn't get hook and moved on to other games. From the comments on here, I should really give it another try. If I do, I'll start over from the beginning.

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I put 60 hours or so into RDR2 every time I try continuing I get extremely annoyed. Hollowknight i did about 15 hours put it down and went back after couple months and I have no idea wtf to do

John2290 said:
collint0101 said:
This is something I do all the time actually. Like I'll buy a game, play it for a bit, ignore it for like a year then come back to it when I'm in the mood. Like it legitimately took me 2 years to beat dragon quest 7 and right now I'm playing hollow knight and borderlands 2 both of which are games I started then put down ages ago

I put down Hollow knight because I thought it was pretty lacking however some on mentioned on here that it gets better. I'm past the mamtis village how long before that extra something kicks in, if at all?

Honestly it just might not be for you. Yeah I put it down but I was pretty thoroughly hooked once I picked it back up again. Like there wasn't a point where I was suddenly hooked the whole experience feels pretty consistent to me

I remember as a kid I couldn't beat Smithy on Super Mario RPG so I quit, came back to it like a month or two later and beat him first try xD

never had a problem since regarding to him, so no clue what went on there

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Basically every game I've ever played. Even if it's just restarting the game and playing the first couple hours multiple times. I simply get bored quickly or notice fundamental issues in the game's design.

I have great memories of playing Persona 5. Even though it nearly ruined my Master's Degree, I still loved playing it. But yeah, at some point it seemed too repetitive and I stopped. I keep thinking about coming back and finishing it, but it's been over 9 months and it's still only a plan.

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Too many to list ftom ps1 and 2 days. However most recently i was 50 hours into Assasin creed odyssey but then i took a break due to holiday and sinking 52 hoirs in octopath! 😂.

I have gotten back to odyssey to prgroess but dont play as much as before because octopath is the better game 😂

I remember FFVIII when i was a kid. Didnt know how to play it so i stopped mid way.  I when back when i was mid 20s and manage to not just beat it but100% complete including beating omega weapon. 

I put down Hollow Knight after 200 hours to play Sekiro. Will come back to it eventually to finish the last two Pantheons.