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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games you put down after a significant time investment. Have you ever successfuly returned?

I figured you were talking about multiplayer games, or MMOs/sandboxes/anything of the sort, not single-player campaign based games. I can't immediately remember any of the former (usually when I get back to those it's a new save), but of the latter... well, my first playthrough of Okami sat still at 26 hours for about 4 months, after which I picked it back up again, finished it, and loved it.

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Not significant 6 hours but Banjo Kazooie nuts and bolts was a big offender. Really could not get into it and the create your own vehicles didn't click with me, tried it again and then end up loving it.

I don't think I ever finished a game that I had to put down. Sometimes I have a second or 3rd try at it but it always ends the same way. Those games are usually sprawling open world games that just burn me out. I would want to finish them but I just don't have the time or energy. Just in recent memory the games I started but never finished were: Far Cry Primal, AC origins, Far Cry 5, FF12 Zodiac Age, my last playthrough of Borderlands 2 and probably some more I already forgot.

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I write down on paper the places, rooms, doors, areas on a map that I have yet to explore, quests, activities that I haven't done, etc. in an open world game. If I leave the game for weeks or months I just take a look at my notes and it sets my mind back to remember where I was and what I still hadn't done before I "logged off" from the game to invest time somewhere else.

I do this for Fallout games as well, because I must explore as much of the map as possible.

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Several times... The most recent one is Persona 5.

I pre-ordered it, got it day 1, was really hyped, but it took me 2 years to finish it. I wasn't interested in the story or characters after the first 20-30 hours, so I kept playing for 10 hours, then putting it down for 1 or 2 months, then playing again for 10 hours on a weekend.... For 2 years, and I forced myself to finish it to finally end that cycle and take it out of my backlog. It was hard.

Weird to think that P4G took me 5 days to finish because I couldn't put it down...

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Red dead redemption 1 for me, I got totally burnt out when getting to Mexico so I left it for over a year before getting back to it

I had a bad habit of getting roughly 2/3rds through a game, putting it down for a 'short break', then never picking it up again. If I ever do, I might as well start over from the beginning. Now that I'm aware of it I try to avoid the habit.

Persona 5 - Did all of it until the final boss, 2 attempt at it and couldn't do it so decided I needed to level up in the area to beat him but couldn't be bothered, so stopped. That was last October. FF12HD - But mainly as I moved to another new game and have played FF12 a lot already.

Can't think of any other significant ones at this time.

Hmm, pie.

DragonQuest XI, my first DQ game and I love it, kinda stuck at the frozen witch, about 20 plus hours in it on ps4, its been about a month since I have played, its been on my mind but just havent gone back to it yet. I need a better strategy, I know its something I am doing wrong or not doing but the bitch just wears me down with cheap shit. Gone back to WoW for now.


Final Fantasy 3/6, cause i couldn't beat a boss (that a*hole in the macitek factory)... that was about a year ago and now i'm struggling with the final boss in Suikoden 2 after 40h.

And i didn't like the world-building in Dark Souls 2 and stoped playing after way to much time.