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Yep. Several, actually. In the past few years alone, I have put down the following games, only to pick them back up and finish several months later:

-Fallout 4. Got bored after three hours, put it down for about eight months. Once I picked it back up, it clicked and I put several hundred more hours into it!
-GTA V: It felt like a slog, at first, so I put it down. After about a year or so, I picked it back up and stuck with it. I hated seeing it end!
-Dark Souls III. Having devoured Bloodborne, I had a tough time readjusting to the Dark Souls mechanics, so I moved onto a few other games. One of the games I went to was Dark Souls 1 (again). After a few months, I went back to DS3 and beat it twice, back to back.