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What's your favorite Nintendo music track with vocals in recent years?

Heritors of Arcadia 0 0.00%
Calamari Inkantation 3 17.65%
Drifting Soul 2 11.76%
Jump Up, Super Star! 10 58.82%
Nasty Majesty 0 0.00%
Lifelight 1 5.88%
Lost in Thoughts All Alone 0 0.00%
Other 1 5.88%

*think think think*

Huh .... all of them ? Ok I know that's not fair but there's been so many great vocal tracks lately that I would pick at least 10 of them easily but for the sake of a good shout I'll my award to Jump Up Superstar, Drifting Soul (even though I prefer the instrumental version from Torna), A moment of eternity (goes well with the yet most powerful ending I've seen in video games) and Heritors of Arcadia.

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Forgot to mention Wario, the Ware franchise has some really catchy tunes like Tomorrow Hill

And the best anime opening in the Jap version of Master of Disguise.

Let's have a champion time!

It's not recent, but the best song with vocals I ever heard in a Nintendo game was the main theme for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Just epic!

I used to enjoy "Jump Up, Superstar" but I heard it so much I ended up getting sick of it.

I like most of the ones mentioned so far. One that I have yet to hear is So Nah, So Fern.

The soundtrack in this game was abysmal, but this song (and its instrumental version) really stand out.

I was going to mention Ashley's Song, since I've heard it in Smash quite a bit. Turns out it is 15 years old.

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ARamdomGamer said:

Baten Kaitos Origins' Le Ali Del Principio, a calm yet intense tune that plays near the end of the amazing journey that is Origins @Super_Boom . It also gives me extra feels that is kind of a family tune, Motoi Sakuraba composed the overall melody, lyrics written by his wife and their 9 year old daughter sang the lyrics.

And for a game that I like too much despite its flaws, Xenoblade Chronicles X, absolute killer OST, god bless Hiroyuki Sawano.


I can whole-heartedly agree with both of these, particularly the Baten Kaitos one. Holy Chitoge did that game have a fantastic OST, I can listen to it all day and never get bored. The story behind that particular song really stands out though.

Outside of that, most of what I would add here has already been mentioned. The Super Mario Odyssey song was sublime, and the song that played during the Xenoblade 2 credits had me actually bawling given what had happened moments before. Lost in Thoughts All Alone in FE: Fates was a really suburb song that tied the entire game(s) together with surprisingly deep lyrics, both in English and the original. And Twilight of the Gods in FE: Echoes is just...*forgets how to speak*

Since I should add something, I'll use this one. It probably doesn't count, but since 14 year old me liked to pretend that there was really lame choir making these synth noises that were supposed to sound like a choir, I'm gonna include it anyway.

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Moon River - Bayonetta 2

mZuzek said:
Eh, Splatoon music doesn't really count.

My favorite would be Lifelight, though Jump Up, Super Star and Heritors of Arcadia are great too.

Splatoon stands on a weird line, kinda like Animal Crossing where its mostly gibberish. However, one could also make the argument that the vocals (whether you call it as such or not) from the Squid Sisters and Off the Hook make the songs that they perform. Heck, we've seen the singers perform behind-the-scenes in studio.

I mean, they did have their own respective vocaloid concerts that a good amount of people attended.

Didn’t even realize there were more than two.

Anyway, it’s Jump Up Superstar.

Kai_Mao said:

I would be remiss if I didn't include some other themes from other notable Nintendo games.

Reincarnation - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Uncontrollable - Xenoblade Chronicles X

I LOVE uncontrollable! I was so stoked when they added it to Xeno 2 DLC. I have it on my work out mix.

I also totally forgot about TMS music. That is another great track!