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What is the Most Irrelevant Smash Bros. Game?

Super Smash Bros. (N64) 13 16.46%
Super Smash Bros. Melee (Gamecube) 4 5.06%
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) 15 18.99%
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS) 32 40.51%
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U) 11 13.92%
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) 4 5.06%

Super Smash Bros. is one of the most storied franchises in gaming. Each entry has been critically acclaimed and sold millions of copies worldwide. However they don't all have the same status or stature. Naturally some entries are held in higher esteem than others. So which Smash Bros. game do you think is the most irrelevant right now?

Super Smash Bros. (N64)

The one that started it all. Of course it will always have its place in gaming history for being so fresh at the time. The game is still fun if you are into nostalgia but it has the smallest roster and the N64 controls are a little wonky. It was also the fastest one to be overshadowed by its successor.

Super Smash Bros. Melee (Gamecube)

Arguably the most relevant. A fan favorite that brought many huge improvements to the franchise including a large cast that included lesser known characters. This was a beloved game on the professional circuit as recently as last year. It still holds up remarkably well.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

I loved this game. I did not realize it had so much fan backlash until much later. It further expanded the roster, introduced the Smash ball, included online play and custom stages, and arguably had the best adventure mode to date (I still think Subspace Emissary kinda sucks though :p). I also liked how it was playable by four different control setups. It broke sales record for the franchise at the time. Brawl was also the first to feature 3rd party characters. So even though purists may balk it introduced a lot of lasting changes to the franchise.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS)

The first entry of the franchise for a portable console. It was faithful to the franchise but distinct from the Wii U version (sold better too). However does anyone really claim this is their favorite game in the series?

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U)

A great game that introduced 8 player battles and DLC characters (also included in the 3DS version). The Wii U was the lowest selling platform that the series has appeared on though so its appeal was limited. It provided a blueprint for Smash Ultimate, which overshadowed it in a relatively short amount of time.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch)

Already the best seller in the franchise after only a few months. This game features every character that has appeared in the series so far. It is still being updated with new content and has taken over as the main Smash game on the competitive circuit. However it introduced the fewest new characters and the singleplayer mode is not for everyone.

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I would say the first one. All I hear about it is bad things.

Smash 4, no contest. I say this as a Smash 4 fan.

Wii U and 3DS are the same game, but well, of course between them the 3DS is the least relevant. No one's played that thing since 2014.

Probably smash 3ds. It got overshadowed by the Wii u version straight away, some people seem to forget it exists. I enjoyed it a lot and think it deserves a little more recognition.

Smash 4 for sure, Ultimate just invalidates its existence.

Smash 64 is the original, Melee will still be beloved by its hardcore fans, and Brawl will at least be remembered for things like Subspace and its got tier soundtrack.

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All of them lmao. There's absolutely no point to go back to any of them after Ultimate.

I actually really loved the 3DS version of Smash 4 because of its portability, plus it actually felt really nice to play on the system.

Brawl in terms of competitive scene.
3DS since WiiU is the obvious superior version .

Super Smash bros started it all
Melee brought it to the competitive scene
Brawl introduced the story mode
Wii U brought 3rd party characters and challenges
3DS made it portable

Ultimate is all of the above combined into one game. All of them were necessary stepstones to what Ultimate was to become.

However, if we talk about replaying any of those today, then I'd say Brawl, simply because it has a story mode which the others lack. Playing competitively is ultimate only now, so casually I'd prefer a story to randomness.

Oh, and about future Ultimate updates in the season pass: Bring back Home run and target smash!

64 and 3DS/WiiU, one is the most archaic thing in the series and I wouldn't say it aged well under the N64 while the other is basically a blueprint for the vastly improved Smash Ultimate. ALSO ... Smash Tour is a travesty that shall never be repeated !

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The Wii U one, easily. I actually bought that one too, but it literally got no play in my household outside of a few Link vs Cloud matches.

It essentially got buried by the 3DS version.

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