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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon Sword and Shield coming late 2019 worldwide

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RingoGaSuki said:

Just as a quick multi poll of sorts, what are people wanting/expecting??

I mean like

Art Style
Battle system
Catching system
Adventure style
Region base
Release date
Number of new Pokemon

I want

Title: Pokemon (that's it)

Art Style - either a return to pixel art as in Gen V, or more polished celshading as in Ni No Kuni or Dragon Quest XI

Battle system- The traditional stuff, get rid of z-moves though. Maybe expand movesets to 5. Return of all standard features like abilities, double/triple battles.

Catching system- straight up traditional catching mechanics, no motion controls

Adventure style - a guided open world, where there is a story compelling you to go somewhere, but the gyms can be done in any order and scale accordingly.

Region base - Australia.

Release date - September.

Number of new Pokemon - 120.

I expect:

Title: Pokemon Amethyst/Pokemon Topaz

Art Style - slightly better than Let's Go.

Battle system- some new gimmick added that just congests battles with more long animations

Catching system - Motion controls shoehorned in, 'the reception to let's go was very positive' hahaha

Adventure style - so linear it may as well be a visual novel

Region base - UK

Story- Go fight gyms, beat bad team in spare time

Release date- November

Number of new Pokemon - 60, as well as 15 new forms for Kanto Pokemon

Outside title and maybe a bit of art style, all of these in 7 minutes only? A bit too hard it seems

Been waiting on news of another direct. Didn't expect it to be a pokemon direct but as a few others have said, i expect Nintendo to fill their May slot with something, so Detective Pikachu? Good call. As for Gen 8. Even 5 minutes will be enough to build the hypeee!!!



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Attiq said:
Well at only 7 minutes they could be going to talk about Pokemon:Go and Pokemon:Lets go, followed by Sorry we have no information about the next game yet.....

Nah, gen 8 is basically guaranteed to be revealed tomorrow.

- X & Y and Sun & Moon got announced in January/February
- There are 3 pokéballs in the tumbnail of the livestream
- They've uploaded a video for each region every day. Alola should be up in a few hours, so gen 8 would be tomorrow.

Lafiel said:
~7minutes? I'd expect a bit longer of a presentation for the introduction of the new gen, but I guess they'll share new trailers/information etc all ~2months instead. Still, this might indicate there is a small chance this is about content for Let's Go or Pokemon Go.

Probably just a basic teaser with a full reveal closer to E3.

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RingoGaSuki said:

I want
Number of new Pokemon - 120.

Why do people seriously still want this? Aren't 800 Pokémon enough already? I hate the idea that every generation needs a huge amount of new Pokémon to be good, especially when we have so many already. I'd rather continue with the smaller rosters so completing the National Pokédex, or even just being able to recognize every Pokémon doesn't become an even bigger problem than it is.

Furthermore, every large roster of Pokémon has always had loads of random filler Pokémon like the "generic bat of this generation" or the "generic fish of this generation" and honestly we have more than enough of those already. I'm all for them focusing on only making new Pokémon when they're gonna be unique and interesting, and while I hate Sun/Moon's roster, I can at least respect that they tried to do that. X/Y's roster is far and away the best ever in my opinion, no contest, and it only had 72.

This ND gets announced as a new Detective Pikachu Trailer dropped.

Expectation: Pokemon Gen 8 revealed.
Possibility: Let's Go Silver and Gold announced.
Unlikely, but Possible: Diamond/Pearl remake for Switch.
Not gonna happen: Pokemon Conquest 2
Dream Game: Pokemon Snap 2
Game that would make me facepalm: Rated M game starring Jynx

Let’s Go Togepi incoming.

Ooo hyped. Pokemon is my favorite Nintendo thing. Hyped to see what the next mainline game is like, hoping it goes back to gyms, I enjoyed sun/moon but I prefer the older stuff.